Singing my blues away!

My Life in my 60's

Singing is a great thing to do if you enjoy it! There’s no age limit on this activity. It always brings me up when I’m feeling down.

I  did some singing when I was younger, but didn’t take it up again until I was 42. I joined a group called Koleinu. It’s a Hebrew word that has to do with sharing music together. One of the things we have in common is our Jewish heritage.

I look around  the group and there are some of the same members. We’ve all evolved and changed, but we’re basically the same people we were twenty years ago. Okay, twenty years has to make a little difference. (Unless you get some work done!)

Some people were new to the group this season, and felt welcomed right away.

We’ve sung all over Columbus:  a Crew’s game, The Ohio State Fair,  nursing homes, festivals, and even…

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Harmony Project teams up with WCMH4 to find the Voice4Columbus

My Harmony Project Journal

The Harmony Project, a big 220 voice Columbus Choir and Service organization, teamed up with Channel 4. The Harmony Project artistic director, David Brown, had a good idea. Why not look for a great singer to sing in the June concert, and use a format like the TV show, “The Voice”?

Over 200 first auditioned and tonight the final 26 were competing for the solo spot. The  parents and friends of the singers were cheering them on, and I bet they felt really proud.  Members of the Harmony Project served as members of the audience.

Each contestant got the chance to sing the same song for 2 minutes. One would thing it would be boring or tiresome. Not at all!  Each of the young singers gave a unique performance with a variety of nuances, styles, and interpretations. Each of these young people are mega talented. I can guarantee some of…

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Having fun at the Harmony Project holiday event: December 19 — a biased review

My Life in my 60's

When I started with the Harmony Project there were around 125 people. Now, there are 200. I didn’t really think I’d ever like singing with such a big choir, but I was wrong. We sing with one voice, and without music. It’s so much fun. We clap and rock it out too. There’s no shortage of baby boomers in the choir, but there are also people of all ages, all sexual orientations and all religions. Nobody cares about who believes what. We are all there to sing and share.

Today was our holiday concert at The Southern Theater. Almost every seat was taken. It was a rejuvenating experience.

The South High Harmony choir did a fantastic job singing for the audience. They’re kids from a high school that needed a little boost. They should be so proud of themselves. They did “We Will Rock You” with energy and heart.  It…

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Harmony Project Helps Aurora Victims: Another Harmony Project Post

My Life in my 60's


For Immediate Release:



Harmony Project Quickly Schedules Monday Recording Session

Song & Online Contributions to Offer Aurora Community Help with Healing


Royalty Rights Waived by Songwriter; Production & Location Donated

(COLUMBUS, Ohio): Technical logistics and over 100 members of the Harmony Project choir were being quickly coordinated last night and this morning to arrange for the choir to assemble later this afternoon to record the single, “How We Love,” and make it available online for a $1 contribution to show Columbus’ and the country’s support for our neighbors in Aurora.

All proceeds will benefit the families of victims in the Aurora tragedy and serve as one community’s way to help another with the healing process.

The Harmony Project will work to turn the Columbus Firefighters Local 67 banquet hall at…

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Help buy a bike for a foster kid in Columbus Ohio: read about it here! : Another Harmony Project post

My Life in my 60's

Teenagers sharing with People from the Unison Project and Harmony Project Teenagers sharing with People from the Unison Project and Harmony Project

IF you are one of my followers, you already know about The Harmony Project. It’s a wonderful group that came into my life. It’s a combination of singing (a 200 member choir that performs) and sharing.

Today, we’re buying bikes for foster kids in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a social media event. You can give as little as a dollar, or as much as you want. A woman called the “Bike Lady” purchases bikes for us.  We’re putting resources together to give as many bikes as we can in one day. Join our effort. We know it’s a hard times and the holiday season. But, you can be a part of this. How about feeling terrific for a dollar or two? There’s nothing like it!

Here’s a letter from a foster grandparent

A letter from a foster…

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Harmony Project gets loads of bikes to give to kids for Christmas

My Life in my 60's

305432_10151280280413070_1024731632_n305432_10151280280413070_1024731632_nHere’s what can happen if people work together, and do something positive. The Harmony Project, a philanthropic group that sings and shares had a one day drive in Columbus, Ohio, to buy bikes for foster kids.  It worked!  In one day, enough money was raised to buy 155 bikes!

In light of what has happened recently, this is encouraging news. If we put our minds to it, we can do anything.

We just need to believe in ourselves, and what we can accomplish! Picture by David Brown, director of The Harmony Project!

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The Harmony Project Singing as One Voice

My Life in my 60's

The Harmony Project.  We are singing Beth Neilson Chapman's "There is no darkness."  Photo by Paul Feeney The Harmony Project. We are singing Beth Neilson Chapman’s
“There is no darkness.” Photo by Paul Feeney

I’ve been in choirs all my life. I remember how happy I was the first time I officially belonged to a choir. I was in the 5th grade at Rowland Elementary school. I even remember some of the songs we sang for our program.  Miss Titus, our devoted teacher, would probably be thrilled that I remember the words to “The Erie Canal.”

I’ve been in many choirs since then. Singing makes me feel good. I like the social aspects of it too. It’s just plain fun. The Harmony Project, one of the choirs I sing in,  is something special. It’s a philanthropic group that sings and shares. Good works have been done in Columbus, Ohio, under the banner of the “Harmony Project.” We raise money, and get to give concerts too.

Choir Directors…

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Spending time with good friends: Another Harmony Project post

My Life in my 60's

Today, I had a fun day with people from the Harmony project. We went over to the “Buckingham Commons” on sixth street. It’s an apartment complex that some of our friends live in.

friends from the Harmony project friends from the Harmony project

One of the women from the choir, Joy Macke, is a makeup artistCIMG0093, and she did makeup for some of the residents from the Unison project. (It’s name has changed, but I don’t have it straight in my mind).   There was another lady who did magical things with hair, and another taking pictures of all of us.

It’s amazing what a little makeup and hair brush ups can do for people. They just glow and look like movie stars.

We all ate pizza, salad, pop and just talked.

Since Harmony Project is about giving to each other, we appropriately sang “Lean on Me” which is going to be in our May…

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Ballet Met Columbus and Cincinnati Ballet inspire with “Inspired” 

Looking for something to do the rest of the weekend?  Do you want to get out of the rain, and unplug yourself from your electronic devices? Head over to the Ohio Theater and catch Ballet Met Columbus, and the Cincinnati Ballet perform three very different works. Each piece has five short movements.  If you’re antsy don’t worry, there is a short intermission after each work.

The first dance , “Age of Innocence” was choreographed by Ballet Met’s artistic director Edward Liang. According to the program notes, Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” inspired this work. The classic dancing, music, and costumes enchanted from start to finish.

My favorite piece was “Wild Sweet Love” choreographed by Time McIntyre.  Music from the last part of the 20th century is performed by these young 21st century dancers. You wouldn’t think music from “Queen, Lou Reed, Roberta Flack,  and ” The Zombies” would work with these two great dance companies, wrong, it does!  I think Freddy Mercury would approve.

The last piece was “Who Cares” featuring the music of George Gershwin.  It premiered in 1970. Caitlin Valentine-Ellis and Miguel Anaya ignited the stage dancing to “The Man I Love.”

By the time the last piece, “I Got Rhythm” got going, the end was in sight. I was sorry to see the whole thing end.

If you’re tired of rain, politics, and the blahs, head out to the Ohio Theater Saturday or Sunday. It is a breath of fresh air. You might even feel “Inspired.”