Ohio Buckeyes : Register to vote and win some points for democracy

Doing my civic duty, I decided to help register people to vote. As creepy as this election has gotten, I decided I had to do something to stop  a very dangerous candidate from winning the election.

Even if you’re not excited about either candidate there are other issues and people to be voting for. I’m sorry to say, I am not as familiar with those things as I should be, but after attending a registration training talk, I am going to be very familiar with the ballot before I get there.

I found out how dead set against voting some people were when I canvassed a neighborhood registering people to vote. People wearing Ohio State University garb were enthusiastic about football, but did not see why it was important to vote for issues, senators, judges, etc. “We don’t vote,” they said with conviction. I’m sure if I’d asked them the score of the game between Indiana and OSU yesterday they would’ve known which players made the touchdowns. I’m sure they know who Urban Meyers is, but do they know who is running for the senate?

Maybe they  don’t stop to think that the popular vote influences how many electoral votes the presidential candidate gets. Maybe they don’t stop to think that the congressman and senators they vote for effect  environmental, insurance decisions, education, and all aspects of their lives.

Some people were enthusiastic, smiling, and saying “yes, I vote.”.An elderly man wearing his church clothes, asked how he could help get out the vote. A great-grandfather said, “Damn right I vote.”  This is not surprising since a good percentage of elderly people vote. We did convince a 19-year-old it wasn’t a big deal to fill out the paperwork.

How to make a field goal

If you’re not registered to vote: https://www.register2.rockthevote.com

Encourage every member of your family to register and vote.

Check out your polling places. Know that the voting places are open from 6:30 a.m. To 7:30 p.m. Voting is Tuesday, November 8.

If someone can’t get there, offer to take them there.

Make sure people have an ID when they vote. It can be a state ID license, birth certificate, bank statement, social security card.

Know that your vote determines the outcome!

Vote and make a Touchdown!!!

Remember: you can’t win the game if you don’t play! 

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