I lost my best friend, and I was bereft. It was my computer!

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I heard President Clinton talking to Sanja Gupta on CNN. One comment I found interesting was when he discussed social networking, and the young people of today. He was afraid that they won’t be able to engage people in the present here and now.

I do happen to agree that socializing is changing. But, I’m not sure if things are different, it means that they’re worse.


I have news for President Clinton, social networking just doesn’t affect young people. It affects people like me. As you know from the title of this blog, I am no spring chicken.


My Mac computer’s hard drive gave up the ghost this past week. It just slowed to a crawl, and then it stopped. I was beside myself. It was like a friend or child was sick.


So, I hurried over to the Apple store where the poor thing was misdiagnosed. The apple genius thought all I had to do was take off a few pictures. When that didn’t work, I knew it was a more serious case. Just like one of my children, I made another doctor’s appointment, and found out my poor little computer had a definite problem with its guts. (We have something in common because my guts don’t work so good anymore either.)


So, I took  the poor patient to a better doctor who correctly diagnosed my little friend as having to get a hard drive transplant.


I finally found a reasonably priced place on the other side of town, and took her (my computer is a girl). The hard part is I had to part with her for three days.


I was so morose that I had to go to the library and borrow their computer to write my post from yesterday.


Seriously, what I realized is that I am addicted to social networking. I like to go on Facebook, and see what everyone is doing. I like to write my thoughts for the day on my blog.


When I got to the store, and greeted my little girl with great warmth the receptionist at the store said, “Everyone does that, it’s too funny.” Apparently, she isn’t so attached to social networking.


Hopefully, my computer will last at least another year or two. (Just like me!)

What do you think about social networking. Is it a good or bad thing?


Is it 2012 or “1984”?

Today, I was hacked. I knew this because my friends were asking me why I wanted them to buy products I wouldn’t normally be recommending. Also, they got emails from me that started with the word, “greetings.” This is not something I usually put in my email.

This got me thinking about the book, “1984” which I read as a Senior in high school. In case you’re not familiar with “1984”, it’s a book by George Orwell written in 1949 .The main character is Winston Smith who lives in Oceania.

Mr. Smith longs for freedom of thought, something he doesn’t get in Oceania. He has people watching him at his home on big screens, and everywhere he goes. He finally finds some refuge in a quaint old shop that he discovers. However, his refuge turns into a trap. In the end, he doesn’t mind thinking like everyone else.

You have to give kudos to Orwell because his vision was right on the mark. First of all, we’re all dependant on computers, and smart phones. Our TV’s aren’t spying on us yet, but it isn’t inconceivable in the near future.

Let’s face it, dishonest people have been around since the beginning of time, and they’re not going to go anywhere. I’m wondering who the hackers are. Are they teenagers with nothing better to do? Or are they just your average guy or girl who want to make a buck? It could be just about anybody. It could be one of my contemporaries.

I’ve read  that hackers are a good thing because they keep everyone else on their toes and keeps the security systems up-to-date. I guess reformed hackers are a valuable resource.

When doing a little research, I found an amazing coincidence: Mark Zuckerberg was born in 1984. The genius of this guy is a little scary. I hope he doesn’t go crazy and give passwords away to everyone. I do love Facebook so, “thank you” Mark.

As for Google, I guess they’re already documenting everyone’s likes and dislikes.

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Mark Zuckerberg

Kind of like the thought police, or “Big Brother,” the organization that keeps tabs on everyone in “1984.”

Now that the word is out, you can’t go backwards. I like the newest technology. It’s a terrific thing, but it is something to watch. I guess watch it before it watches you!

What do you think?

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