Reality shows about evil people are the new ratings winners!


What kind of goofy society do we have? It seems like evil makes news, and we all obsessively watch it.


First, we were watching the Boston Marathon bombing special. We know all the details of those crazy brothers.  We seemed to lose interest when we found out about the 3 women freed in Cleveland. Too bad nobody knew some maniac was keeping them locked up for 10 years. It seems hard to believe. But, it’s true.


Now, those poor women in Cleveland. Nobody knew they were imprisoned in that house on Seymour Avenue, now everyone can’t leave them alone.


I have to say I enjoyed the interview of the rescuer. Not only did he help the girl escape, but he was eating a Big Mac during the whole event. You can’t get more All-American that. His colorful language while talking to Anderson Cooper was also very entertaining. Maybe it was his enthusiasm, and complete honesty. That’s right, it was entertaining.

We have heard all the sordid details of their imprisonment. We can’t seem to get enough of it.  How, what, and where they were kept in that house.

I am not excluding myself. I know every thing that happened. But what’s crazy is CNN is doing interviews with this evil guys sister and mother. I hope they’re not paying them anything. There’s just something fundamentally wrong about letting them appear on TV.


It’s like it’s a TV special event that we can’t get enough of.


English: Journalist, author and television per...

English: Journalist, author and television personality Anderson Cooper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you think?