Creative Giving: Another Harmony Project Post

Here’s another post about the versatile Harmony Project in Columbus, Ohio. It’s the organization that can do and does! We get to sing in a harmonious choir, give performances and make all kinds of new friends. There is commitment involved, but nobody minds. Sing, serve, and share is the motto.

Today was a spa day for the Unison Project, an essential part of the choir.  The people who belong to the Unison Project live in housing, especially sponsored by the Columbus Shelter Board  There are people who have been homeless, but have the courage to take the opportunity to improve their lives. (Not all have been homeless, some have disabilities and other problems that qualify them to live in the facilities.)

Today, a generous spa, the  Ericka Taylor Salon and Spa donated their  services to members of The Unison Project.

They received manicures, facials, hair treatments —color, cuts, blowouts, highlights —and were photographed when it was all over. All the professionals in the spa donated their services. They worked their magic, and brought out the beauty of each person. People left the salon with a glow and a new look.

The pros at the spa did their work with joy. It was inspirational. They were even kind enough to throw in a few manicures to some of the other members of the Harmony Project.

First, we all had a delicious meal “The Little Palace” located on S. Fourth Street.  I would highly recommend that eatery . It was simply delicious.

David Brown, of The Harmony Project planned the whole outing. He did it with great style.

You can still buy tickets for The Harmony Project on July 18, and 19th!  Go to CAPA. It will be a great concert, and you can catch the joy!

It will bounce off the walls of the Southern Theater!

Pictures generously provided by Michelle Herman and Jan Leibovitz Alloy

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My take on the Tony Awards: I also give out my own Joy at 60 Blogosphere Awards!

59th Tony Awards

59th Tony Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every year, I look forward to the Tony Awards.  I find these more entertaining than the Oscars and Grammys. It is still filled with some endless pretentious speeches, but they mix it up with entertainment so it’s easier to take.

Later, I will give my own Joy at 60 Blogosphere Awards for some of the more memorable speeches. Why not? Everyone else seems to be handing out awards on the blogosphere.

If the winners, respond to my post, I will let them know what they won!

Neil Patrick Harris, did two great numbers showing his talent. One song was about wishing life was like a Broadway show. (It would certainly be more interesting).  The other song was a combination of titles of songs that won awards in the past 66 years. He also hung upside down while two people gave a boring speech about the significance of the Tony Awards.

The very beginning of the show included  a snippet  of The House of Mormon . I can’t wait to see this show. It looks hilarious. Those guys from South Park have been making me laugh for years.

Who doesn’t like Broadway? It’s still gets me excited. If you’re a baby boomer you remember all the Oscar and Hammerstein shows like Carousel,  Sound of Music, South Pacific, and Oklahoma. Luckily, Broadway didn’t die when they did. (I still think they’re the best, but that’s probably because I am from that era.)

They showed some snippets from some current shows. After the little scenes, these are the shows I’m looking forward to seeing.

Musicals I’d Like to see

Ghost—based on the movie. I liked the music I heard.
Newsboys–A play based on the newsboys in the old days, going on strike, and making their own newspaper.
End of the Rainbow–– based on the end of Judy Garland’s life.
Peter and the Star Catcher—based on Peter from Peter Pan
Clybourne Park—A new musical
Revival of Porgy and Bess by Gershwin—Who doesn’t love this fantastic music?
Nice Work if you can get it starring Mathew Broderick

My Joy at 60 Blogosphere Awards

Favorite snippet from a musical!
I liked watching Ricky Martin perform in Evita, but I am a Ricky Martin fan. However, I do prefer him performing his own music and shaking his hips on his own, but I’m glad he’s made it on Broadway.

Cutest acceptance speech
Mike Nichols won for best director for Death of a Salesman. Nichols looks frail, but his wife Diane Sawyer still looks terrific. Either she’s had work done, or she is a lot younger than him. I don’t think they give out sympathy Tonys so he obviously can still do his job. He mentioned that he won a pie eating contest in the theater where they were holding the Tonys when he was a kid. He is still a funny guy. After all, he started out as a comedian.

 Most Touching acceptance speech
Steve Kazee won for best actor in a musical. He mentioned how his mother had died on Easter Sunday, and the cast got him through his grief. How can you not like a guy who loved his mom that much. This guy obviously has a lot of heart as well as a huge talent.

 Best Declarations of Love Speeches (It was a tie!)
Actor James Corden told his girlfriend, mother of his child, that he couldn’t wait to marry her.

Audra Mcdonald told her daughter winning the Tony was great, but not as great as the day she was born.

Most Dramatic Acceptance Speech
Judith Light won the first Tony as best actress in a play. She gave an overly emotional speech. Either she meant it, or was doing another great acting job. I thought she might pass out.

Award for still being Alive
I was so happy to see Angela Lansbury. I thought she died a while ago.

Unfortunately, I didn’t set my DVR to go past the allotted time for the  show, so I have no idea who won best musical show of the year. I guess I’ll have to look that up.

What was your favorite Tony moment? What plays do you want to see?