Silence is golden: 10 pet peeves about cell phones: Any additions?

Cell phones and smart phones are really fun.  I rely on my cell phone as much as anyone else. The only reason I haven’t gotten a smart phone yet is because I don’t want to pay the extra dollars for it. I am also afraid I will become one of those people who I am complaining about in this post. Constantly looking down at my phone, or using it when it’s really inappropriate. I think it’s rude when people prefer their phone to me. .

Here are 10 places I wish people wouldn’t use their phones

1. Movie theater:  I am there to enjoy the movie. I find the light from your phone very
distracting. If you want to stay in your own little world, stay home, rent a video and don’t
put on your freaking phone. There is a reason they run that cute little feature before the movie starts about keeping your phone shut off!

2. Dressing room: Don’t talk on your phone in the next dressing room over when I am trying on clothes. It is depressing enough for me to be looking at myself in the full-length murder. It is annoying to be taking off my shoes, pulling up pants that don’t really fit me, and getting frustrated with the price of everything. I don’t need to hear your personal conversations. I don’t want to hear your arguing with someone on the phone or discussing a matter that requires  professional counseling.

3. Gym: This is especially directed to personal trainers or class instructors. . I may be old, but I’m not stupid. I see you with that phone that you think is hidden, playing games, or checking your email. (while I’m working my fanny off.).

4. Restaurants:  When I am enjoying a meal I paid for I don’t need to hear you talking in 3 volumes up to someone.

5. Traffic: Don’t talk on your phone while driving. People are really risking getting in an accident.  Don’t text. Everyone knows this by now, but they still do it.

6.  Nature path : When I am walking in the woods by myself, the last thing I want to hear is somebody yelling on top of their lungs on their phone. I prefer the sounds of the birds and the wind rusting the leaves of the trees.

7. Library:  I used to like to go to the library to browse and get some peace and quiet. Now, people are allowed to talk on their phones, and I can’t do a thing about it.

8. Public Restrooms:  Can’t I even do “my business: in peace. Can’t you wait until you’ve flushed the toilet?

9. Play or live concert:  I can’t believe the amount of phones that appear in the dark at these events where I’m paying big bucks.

10. Looking for a tenth one. Any suggestions? Comments would be appreciated.

I know I might as well get used to it because things aren’t going to change any time soon. People have to be constantly entertained. It almost seems like they’re afraid to be alone, even for a few minutes. That’s life in the 21st century.  What do you think?  Agree or disagree?

QVC and HSN―How much is too much?

It’s 3:00 a.m. and you can’t sleep. Nobody is around, but you know you can turn on the TV and find some video friends.

You can call them up, and they’ll talk to you on TV. The only catch is that you have to talk about products they’re hawking. They have all types of products:  jewelry, clothes, household items, computers, and even sleep number beds. This just scratches the surface.

I discovered QVC and HSN when I was home by myself after I stopped working. At first I thought it was the silliest thing I’d ever seen. I’d ask my husband, “who would buy that stuff?”

But then, one day I stopped on the channel and bought a pretty jade bracelet When I got it, I was so excited. The thrill of giving myself a present. But, did I need it?

Not really.

After that, I became a regular watcher. I purchased a few things. This lasted for about a year. It’s amazing because normally I dislike shopping. I’m the furthest thing from a mall rat.

I do like some of the items. I’ve bought Ryka shoes, a few pieces of clothing, and a few pairs of earrings. The earrings were pretty, and I wasn’t really sorry I bought them.  The shoes are terrific, and I had to return one the blouses. I looked like I was flying because the sleeves looked like wings.

In my short career of watching those shows on a regular basis, I learned some of their selling strategies. I know they work, but I think people who are vulnerable should be aware of what they’re trying to do.

Making you part of their family

You can be included in the QVC or HSN family. They have phone lines, and encourage you to call in and give your testimony on how great the product really is, and how it’s changed your life.

They will give you 30 seconds to say your housebound, or you have to stay home with an bed-ridden relative. They will say they’re sorry about it, but  to spend some money on the item they’re featuring. They say, “I’m happy to meet you.”

They’re really happy you’re spending more money with them. They don’t really consider you a real friend. They just want  you to spend money.

Encouraging you to buy more than you need

Sometimes the jewelry shows astound me. The co-hosts will take 4 necklaces, bracelets, or rings, and put them on at one time. “You can layer your look with all these colors, they’ll say.” You’re thinking what kind of fool is going to believe this is stylish.

Why would you walk out of the house like that unless it was Halloween?

Telling you you’ll be popular if you buy this item

When is the last time you liked someone because of their material possessions. If that’s your main judge of friendship, you deserve what you get.

Some people say they have rooms full of items they don’t need, and are over-extended on their credit cards.  The hosts, on camera, will say, “we’re so happy you shop with us, treat yourself, and buy some more. Is this ethical?

I will still buy things from these shopping channels if I need it, and don’t feel like going to a mall. But, I will know they don’t want my friendship or companionship. They just want my money.

If you have too much of this stuff, and are over-extended, think about what you’re doing. Too much is too much!

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