I’m Watching “This is It” Missing Weird Michael Jackson (MJ)

Cover of "Michael Jackson: This Is It"

Cover of Michael Jackson: This Is It

I’ve seen the movie, “This is it” a couple of times, but I don’t get tired of it.  Michael Jackson in rehearsal is the closest I’ll ever get to a MJ concert.

After all, I watched MJ grow up. I remember him as a little kid, singing and dancing. What poise, what stage presence, and what promise.

I remember watching The Jackson 5  on Johnny Carson. I thought it was weird MJ wasn’t doing any talking. He said he was “shy and quiet.”  That wasn’t the half of it.

I remember how excited my 5th grade class was after he did that Apollo Theater special. He  moon-walked for the first time on TV, and his performance was riveting.

The next day my fifth grade students came to class wearing one glove. I knew the young adult heart-throb Michael Jackson,was going to be a big deal to them.

But then the weirdness really started about 5  years later.
Monkey’s, horrible accusations, sad trials, and all the rest of it. I’d like to think he was innocent of the accusations. I’d like to think he was just weird.

Then, the different way he died. Whoever heard of anyone dying from an anesthetic. I’m glad they convicted that doctor. I guess money can buy anyone or anything.

It’s insane how we get to know the celebrities, and they never know us. It’s insane how we demand so much from them, and they don’t even ever know who we are. It’s ironic that this cute kid with all that talent came to a sad end

Still, I can appreciate watching “This is It.” If’s entertaining.

Thanks MJ wherever you are.

Am I wrong? What do you think?