Give it Up Piers Morgan: Americans are gun happy

Piers Morgan at CES 2011.

Piers Morgan at CES 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poor Piers Morgan. He keeps trying to understand why there are so many guns and assault weapons floating around in this country.  It doesn’t make sense to him.

He can’t quite get why we all want to arm each other, and blow ourselves away. He doesn’t understand the American way.

He just had a forensic psychiatrist on his show who wouldn’t quite agree with him about available guns being the reason people commit mass murder.

They brought up the fact that terrorists are not as crazy as the guys shooting up people for no good reason.

In my opinion, a guy who straps bombs onto is as crazy as the latest mass murderer.  It is true that if these guys do survive blowing themselves up, we like to make sure their executed.

Look at Timothy McVeigh, the  home- grown terrorist from Oklahoma. At least we killed him. Good thinking. (I doubt if anyone misses him.)  Unfortunately, the guy who helped him is languishing in jail.

Alan M. Dershowitz, the lawyer, was also on pointing out that it only makes common sense that too many guns around causes people to use them. Crazy or not. Suicide, murder, robbery, etc.  He was even pointing at his head to get his point across.

Makes sense to me too.

Piers ought to give it up.

Americans are never going to change their minds.  This is gun country and it’s not going to change any time soon.

Robert Blake on Piers Morgan: Liar or Victim?


Español: Robert Blake, más conocido como, Baretta

Español: Robert Blake, más conocido como, Baretta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I almost didn’t watch  Robert Blake on Piers Morgan.  After all, I figure Robert Blake is a lying murderer. Now, I’m not sure.

He was on Piers Morgan to talk about a book he wrote. I hate to say it, but I may  want to read it.  It’s the story of his life I think he leaves out the fact that the family of Bonnie Blakely, his murdered wife,  won a civil trial against him. The civil court ruled he was liable for her untimely death.

The book he wrote  is all about his 75 years of working as an actor. I always thought he was slightly crazy. I did like his performance in “Cold Blood.”  It was his masterpiece of acting. On Baretta when he played a detective, I was mildly entertained.

When I used to see him on “The Johnny Carson” show I thought he was off his rocker. He talked about being crazy. He talked about his father locking him in a closet, and making him bark like a dog. He talked about unspeakable crimes his parents committed against him. So sad, so hard to listen to.

Piers opened the interview innocently enough. He said this book is fascinating, but it does ramble at parts.  Piers said, “ It’s the story about being betrayed, and constantly let down.”

He did show a clip from “ Cold Blood”. It showed Blake’s acting talent.

Piers finally brought up Bonnie’s death. Blake was very angry and defensive. He kept trying to tell Piers he “was looking silly.” As it turned out Blake’s “38 caliber gun” did not murder Bonnie.

What I remember about Bonnie was that she was a slimy person who’d betrayed many people, and gotten money out of them. I guess Blake was looking for his parents in a mate.

He said he really didn’t love her, but she was pregnant with his child, and that’s why he stayed with her.

Morgan said, “I want to talk about the most significant thing in your life.”
Blake said, “This wasn’t the most significant thing in my life, becoming an actor and a star at 5 was the most significant thing of my life.” Interesting answer. It makes me think he did it. He was just too cold about her demise.

He used to have money, but after the trial he was broke. I guess it would be annoying to lose millions of dollars, and have everyone think you were a murderer.

He threw God into the equation. He feels happy that God loves him. (It’s always interesting to me that people who haven’t done the greatest things bring God into the discussion.)

It was sad when he said, “nobody in Hollywood stood behind me.” He also said that his biggest dream is to make the perfect movie at the end of his life. He’s 79,

I would probably go see it. I have a feeling it’s never going to get made.

I was sure he murdered his wife, but now I’m only 90% sure.  If he didn’t do it, my suspicion is that he arranged it.

Postscript: I saw the family’s lawyer on the show Monday. He reminded the audience that Blake had asked several people to kill Bonnie for him. There were no takers. I guess he decided he had to do it himself.The attorney thought Blake should be very happy that he’s alive and out of jail. He was pretty convincing. And it only took around 10 minutes.

Did you see the interview?

What do you think?


Rielle Hunter on Piers Morgan: Creepy

You remember Rielle Hunter. She had John Edwards baby, and he tried to cover it up. Elizabeth Edwards was busy dying from breast cancer.

Piers was asking her questions about the salacious book she wrote, and she acted offended. He was being too nosy, and taking things out of context. Why did she think he had her on the show? I’m betting an appearance on Piers isn’t going to sell many books. It’s just too…..creepy.

She honestly feels she wasn’t responsible for what happened. It was all John Edwards fault. That’s what she said at first. Then she admitted she shouldn’t have made a sex tape together,  and participated in a coverup about the “baby.”

When she saw an old tape of Elizabeth Edwards on Larry King, it bothered her. “She felt sad.” I bet she was sad that he was showing it.

I remember seeing John Edwards on the campaign trail.  I thought this guy was really good when I saw him. He definitely fooled me.

Was he just a hapless fool? Or was he just a person with no character. After all, his wife was dying from cancer. It sounds like a great time to have an affair. You’d think he would have the decency to wait until she passed away. Definitely, no character!

I did admire Elizabeth Edwards and read several of her books. They were mainly about resilience. She had some good things to say. Apparently, she was a woman who felt a lot. Not at all a shallow person, and very intelligent.

Why Edwards would even fall for this Rielle character is beyond me. She has an evil essence coming off her, and seems totally fake. Wait a minute…

But then again, I watched the whole interview. I am not reading the book though. It sounds too trashy, even for me.

If you want to read something worthwhile, Ii would recommend one of Elizabeth Edward’s books.

Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers by Elizabeth Edwards (Aug 14, 2007)

Cover of "Saving Graces: Finding Solace a...

Cover via Amazon

DWTS Semifinals: It was also sad story night, and I loved it!

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins (Photo credit: BBC North East Wales)

Donald Driver and Aaron Rodgers

Donald Driver and Aaron Rodgers (Photo credit: elviskennedy)

DWTS had something I really love on their semi-finals tonight—stories.  All the stars shared a little piece of their lives with the audience.

William Levy is from Cuba, and lived in a ramshackle house. He didn’t get to come to America until his step-father got in some kind of trouble in Cuba, and the family was forced to leave. William worked hard for his family in Cuba, and has done the same in America.

Levy became famous by knocking on a modeling agency’s door. He is a big star in Latin America, and I’m sure he’s going to be a big star here.

He is proof that the American dream can still happen. It doesn’t hurt that he’s very easy on the eyes, and seems like a sincerely kind person.

He did an excellent tango, to “Sweet Dreams are made of these.” I would say he is one sweet dream come to life.

His second dance, a Samba, was just as sensational.

Levy does know how to dance, and move.

Donald Driver’s  story was about growing up really poor in Texas. You can’t get much poorer than living in a U-Haul under a bridge with a single mother and 4 siblings.  His father couldn’t help out the family because he was in prison.
His mother was forced to send him and his brother to live in Texas with his grandparents. To be accepted in their neighborhood you had to sell drugs and be a thug. He didn’t give this up until college when he met his wife, and she told him it was her or the drugs.

After college, he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers, but wasn’t the best player on the team. He worked hard to be the best. All his teammates like Driver and it’s easy to see why. His optimistic attitude is inspiring.

Now, he’s a star football player,  and he has a terrific wife and 2 little adorable kids.

He did a very elegant waltz, and a very quick perfect quick step. Driver can dance too, and has charisma.

After hearing that story, you can’t help but root for him. He also thanked his mother, and wife. He obviously knows how to play politics, and get the ladies to vote for him.

Katherine Jenkins is from Wales, and has been singing since she was 4. They showed her singing opera, and she has a fabulous voice. Not only is her voice great, but she dances like a pro. Oh, and she’s beautiful too. Too complicate matters she seems really sweet. Piers Morgan put in a plug for her during the show.

Her sad story is that somebody she was engaged to publicly broke up with her in London where she lives. To me, this story is not sad at all . Why marry a man who is not right for you? If you don’t want your life lived out in front of the public, don’t become famous. Don’t be beautiful and talented.
But if this is a dancing competition, she really should be in the semi-finals. My guess is that she’s going to be the one eliminated. Her story is not too sad, and women do watch and vote more than men.

Maria Menounos’ parents were immigrants from Greece. She used to accompany them to their janitorial jobs they did to make a good life for their kids in America. Beautiful Menounos was a beauty pageant winner, and used to appear on Channel One as a newscaster. Maybe the people who watched that show will keep her in the competition. She works for Extra, a gossipy TV show. 

Her boss said she was kind of a “klutz”. (I’m glad I don’t work for him!)  She has danced beautifully from the start. The judges gave her a perfect score tonight. She deserves to be in the competition. The judges highly rated her. She is giving most of the credit to Derek. (One of my favorite pros)

I think it’s too bad any of these terrific dancers have to be eliminated. I have really enjoyed this series of Dancing With the Stars.

Any comments? Feel free! Who is your favorite?

Obama comes out for same sex marriage

Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good for Obama for supporting same-sex marriage.

This is not something I spend a lot of time thinking about. I say,” live and let live.’ I don’t know why anyone cares so much about what other people do. If they’re not hurting you, let them do whatever they want.

Now the politicians are going to spend a lot of time focusing on this issue, not the ones  affecting everyone.  Like the economy, jobs and health care.

Tonight I watched people discussing this on TV.

Paul Belgala, one of the talking heads said he thinks it will hurt Obama politically. He thinks it will hurt Obama with older voters, and help with younger voters. I think he may be surprised about that. I think plenty of baby boomers share my feelings.

They showed a clip of Mitt Romney saying, ” I believe marriage should take place between a man and a woman.” I’m all for that. I’ve been in one for a long time. It works for me.

I was in a chorus with a lot of gay woman. They were just as happy in their same-sex marriages. It worked for them. They had very well-adjusted kids too. What’s better than having 2 loving mothers,  2 loving fathers, or a mother and a father?

I think it’s nice if anyone can stay married for longer than a few years. I think it’s nice if anyone gets married at all. I think the challenge is staying married.

I myself, do not take this story literally. But, there are plenty of people who do. I expect to hear from some of them.

What do you think?