Will Angelina and Brad ever tie the knot?

Angelina and Brad are finally getting engaged

  Is the world totally upside down these days?

These people already have six kids, three biological and three adopted. I love this part–their kids want them to get married. Now, that’s a switch.

My guess is they’re never going to make it to the altar. If you ask me, these two beautiful people are a little bit messed up. I have a sneaking suspicion Brad isn’t all that much into Angie.  Let’s face it, she wore a blood vial around her neck when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton, and gave her brother a too sexy kiss when she won an Academy Award.  She’s also rumored to have an affinity for knives.

I think Brad is just in over his head. But, he’s probably just as peculiar or he wouldn’t have been attracted to oddball Angie in the first place. Maybe he does strange things behind closed doors. But, he is still pretty cute, so who cares?

Life is Different in the 21st Century

Things have changed since I was a young woman. In those days, we’d get married, and then have children.  A lot of people ended up getting divorced. The children of those divorced couples are not exactly eager to get into a painful situation.

A current statistic said, “60% of engaged couples live together before getting married. I am subscribing to the theory that it really works. You might as well see what you’re getting into before make the final committment.

But, I don’t think it’s a great idea to have kids before you’re married. It still leaves the woman in a bad situation if the guy decides to take off. (Just like in the good old days.)   You hear a lot about single mothers, but not so much about single fathers. Do women lose if they are not legally bound to their boyfriends?

What do you think?

Are woman being taken advantage of?  Have things really changed that much? Do you think things will ever go back to the good old days?(I’m not so sure they were so good).

Actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the 81s...

Actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the 81st Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Baby Boomers Take on the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards reminded me of  watching a sitcom.

Best Actress Academy Award

It’s just not the same for me since all the movie stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, James Garner, James Stewart, and the perennial host, Bob Hope aren’t with us anymore.

Billy Crystal did a great job though. He beats out whatever they did last time. I liked Chris Rock’s bit. He’s the only one who made me at least chuckle.  I thought the “Focus Group” on the Wizard of Oz was cute.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey did a bit that was almost funny.

Some of the winning was a yawn. Meryl Streep was correct, it was tiresome to watch her win her third academy award. She is a great actor, but there must be some others just as good. (Revision: I just saw Iron Lady she really deserved it! )

“The Artist” winning for best picture seemed contrived to me.  They were applauding creativity and nerve. They couldn’t have been rewarding the trite story.

The best actor category was a disappointment. I think people who say dialogue deserved to win more than the actor from “The Silent Movie.” I was rooting for George Clooney, although he doesn’t need my sympathy!

It was nice that Christopher Plummer won an academy award. I did see the movie and he was great.

I couldn’t help thinking that “The Help” should have gotten more recognition. Nothing new, I guess.

But, I will give it a go next year too. It’s a tradition. But, with my movie stars gone, it’s never going to be the same.

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