Being Human: we all need love and affirmation

Human Beings need attention and love. Ever watch a little 6 week old infant? What is the first thing they learn to do that you really respond to? The answer : smile.

What other animals do this? If the baby is to grow in a good way, you have to keep giving them that positive reinforcement.

All of us who had children remember applauding at their least little accomplishment: rolling over, crawling, standing by themselves, and finally walking. We all repeated sounds while they acquired speech. What greater reward is it for a parent than to watch your child develop into an independent human being?

As we get older, we find out that we can  get the same good feeling by helping others, and not being totally selfish.

Some people don’t ever get those good feelings. They grow up  feeling deprived. Maybe they’re just not wired up right from the start. Maybe kids made fun of them for one reason or another.  They grow up not quite right. They grow up full of rage.

Instead of focusing on them after it’s too late, what should we do?

What do you think?