10 top reasons I miss having little kids

Wishes fireworks shows in the Magic Kingdom Wa...

Wishes fireworks shows in the Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.Cuddling: Every time I had a new baby, I would go upstairs, get in bed, and cuddle them under the covers. When they were a little older, they loved to cuddle with you whenever you wanted. There is absolutely nothing sweeter!

2 .Having a fan club: When I had little kids, they all would fight over who would sit on my lap . I loved surrounding myself with my kids.

3. Dressing them up: I loved to buy little outfits. When I had my kids, I’d wear them out dressing them in different outfits and hats.

4. Seeing things through their eyes: There is nothing like going to a carousel and putting a little kid on it for the first time. The surprise and delight that shows up in their eyes is priceless.  How about the wonder of Christmas lights? Going to Disney World was as much fun for my husband and I as the kids. (I told one of my daughters that Tinkerbell was celebrating her birthday..that’s why the fireworks. She was little and believed me.)

5. Taking them to Disney movies. I would usually end up crying at those movies. Sometimes, I thought I’d appreciate the movies better than the kids in the theater.

6. Reading them picture books at night. I remembered how my own mother did it for me, and  it brought back memories. It was a good way to be close.

7. Going to all those sporting events. It was fun to sit with the other parents. and encourage the kids. (We won’t talk about the overly excitable parents who were just a little too serious about the whole thing.)

8. Watching them in plays and school programs. It’s fun to watch all those kids perform. There’s nothing cuter.

9. Playing with them. It gives you a chance to do all that stuff you really still like to do: play-do, coloring, and playing with dolls. What self-respecting adult is going to do tha t without a kid.)

10. Going to a restaurant, and not having other little kids bother you. When I had little kids, other kids didn’t bother me.
How about you?  What are your precious moments. If you have little kids, treasure every moment. Before you know it, they will be gone.