15 sweet things my little grandson does at 6.5 months

1. He smiles broadly at us when he sees us.

2.He now laughs when he thinks something is funny.

3.He puts his little head on my shoulder when I rock him.

He was a little younger when this picture was taken.

He was a little younger when this picture was taken.

4. He is fascinated with his socks, and likes to take them off. Especially the right one.

5. He makes cute baby noises. He has a pretty loud one which is hilarious.

6. He proudly sits in his high chair like a big boy!

7. He has learned to like his cereal. He will lean forward if he thinks you’re not feeding him  fast enough.

8. He will entertain himself in his little play gym,and will move all the little hanging animals around.

9. He now turns on his little toy  in his crib.

10. He kicks his feet when he’s excited.

11. He can roll over, when he’s in the mood. He likes to go sideways.

12. He can easily handle his rattle and other small objects. He particularly liked the little gift ribbons and wrapping paper on his presents.

13. He obviously likes music, and kicks in rhythm.

14. He will respond when you call him on FaceTime.

15.He likes to take a bath, and kicks his feet.