Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have to worry about Christmas disappearing: Talk about ridiculousness

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Esperanto: Patro Kristnasko kaj malgranda knabino Suomi: Joulupukki ja pieni tyttö (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know what Bill O’Reilly is talking about when he says there’s a war against Christmas. As Jon Stewart (Daily Show)  pointed out yesterday in a comic bit, there’s Christmas everywhere: lights galore, stores open all year devoted to Christmas, a TV program devoted to Christmas. Go on the radio: many stations are playing nothing but Christmas carols. Some TV cable channels are playing Christmas movies over and over.

My holiday in December (next year November)  is Chanukah. It isn’t really the most important holiday on the Jewish calendar, but since it coincides with Christmas, some people make a bigger deal of it. You do give a present for each day of Chanukah. It’s a happy celebration!

I learned all the words to the Christmas carols in school, and I enjoyed singing those songs. It didn’t bother me in the least, especially singing “Jingle Bells,” and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

I love it all. The music, the lights, and the good cheer.  I always knew it wasn’t really “my holiday”  It’s hard to compete with Christmas lights, presents, and everything that goes along with it

Santa Claus brought me my Chanukah presents

Unlike many Jewish children, I earnestly believed in Santa Claus. I thought he brought by Chanukah presents.  I have to admit, this wasn’t a big stretch for me. I liked to believe in fairies, magic, goodness, and kindness. I’m not sorry I was given the chance to believe in him.  Plus, what does it have to do with religion anyway?

My mother used to tell a story about how her brothers and sisters would hang up stockings on Christmas Eve and her parents would take them right down. I guess she thought this was unfair, and she thought believing in Santa Claus wouldn’t make us traitors to the Jewish people.  To partake in some parts of this holiday, made me feel a part of things.

As I got older, I used to wonder. Why didn’t Santa Claus come to my other Jewish friend’s houses? I forget what the answer was, but I guess I happily accepted it I did keep this celebration a little quiet because I didn’t quite feel right about the whole thing.

When I had children, I put Chanukah first. Santa Claus did show up, but he came at the very end, and he brought inconsequential goodies. It didn’t happen every year. My kids never bought the story. Sometimes I wondered if that was a mistake.

It’s hard not to partake in some form of celebrating this holiday. It consumes everyone after Thanksgiving and the entire month of December.

As far as worrying about Christmas going out of style, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have to worry. As Jon Stewart said, “it’s infringing on other holidays like say…. Thanksgiving. (Referring to Black Friday that was on Black Thursday this year.)

I don’t mind saying the following words either “Merry Christmas!” I wonder if O’Reilly is going to say, “Happy Chanukah.”

What do you think? Any opinions?

10 Things You Should Not Do

English: This photo depicts Donald Trump's sta...

English: This photo depicts Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Making fun or insulting others to get a laugh. (Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin, Bill Mahr,  Steven Colbert and most comedians. We laugh with them at people.)

At first, I included Jon Stewart, but after thinking it over I decided his humor is not mean-spirited. I like the way he gets his point across. He reminds me of an intellectual Johnny Carson.

Some people carry this  line of comedy into real life towards real people. Insulting other is not nice or funny.

2. Believing that you are superior to everyone. (Donald Trump, Carl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, etc.)

3. Not listening to anyone else.( Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity.)

4. Talking only about yourself. (Donald Trump)

5. Being rude to hard-working people in stores and restaurants. There’s plenty of ordinary people who do that. It’s really pathetic behavior, and if you do it, stop it immediately!

6. Driving drunk or drugged up. (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton)

7. Saying things that you know will embarrass others.(Donald Trump, Joan Rivers)

8. Calling people childish names, like pig.  (Donald Trump). Name calling in general is a no no.

9. Looking at the bad side of life. Fox channel, CNN Channel, Local News,  Reality Shows, The Khardashians, Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil, Prison reality type shows, Serial Killer Documentaries, television in general)

10. Being a home wrecker, and speaking ill of the dead. (Rielle Hunter)

As I was writing this, I wondered why those people are famous? What’s even sadder is that they are rich too. Some of them, like Mr. Trump, have stars embedded in cement.

I am interested enough  to read all the gossip magazines, watch reality shows and mention these people.

I do not like it when I am the target of humor that is directed at me. Especially humor that makes fun of my weaknesses. (I have plenty.)

Maybe we need some better role models.When did things change? Where should we draw the line? Which of these people offend, and which don’t. Do you agree or disagree with me?

The fact is that we like controversial people. Go figure?