Robert Blake on Piers Morgan: Liar or Victim?


Español: Robert Blake, más conocido como, Baretta

Español: Robert Blake, más conocido como, Baretta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I almost didn’t watch  Robert Blake on Piers Morgan.  After all, I figure Robert Blake is a lying murderer. Now, I’m not sure.

He was on Piers Morgan to talk about a book he wrote. I hate to say it, but I may  want to read it.  It’s the story of his life I think he leaves out the fact that the family of Bonnie Blakely, his murdered wife,  won a civil trial against him. The civil court ruled he was liable for her untimely death.

The book he wrote  is all about his 75 years of working as an actor. I always thought he was slightly crazy. I did like his performance in “Cold Blood.”  It was his masterpiece of acting. On Baretta when he played a detective, I was mildly entertained.

When I used to see him on “The Johnny Carson” show I thought he was off his rocker. He talked about being crazy. He talked about his father locking him in a closet, and making him bark like a dog. He talked about unspeakable crimes his parents committed against him. So sad, so hard to listen to.

Piers opened the interview innocently enough. He said this book is fascinating, but it does ramble at parts.  Piers said, “ It’s the story about being betrayed, and constantly let down.”

He did show a clip from “ Cold Blood”. It showed Blake’s acting talent.

Piers finally brought up Bonnie’s death. Blake was very angry and defensive. He kept trying to tell Piers he “was looking silly.” As it turned out Blake’s “38 caliber gun” did not murder Bonnie.

What I remember about Bonnie was that she was a slimy person who’d betrayed many people, and gotten money out of them. I guess Blake was looking for his parents in a mate.

He said he really didn’t love her, but she was pregnant with his child, and that’s why he stayed with her.

Morgan said, “I want to talk about the most significant thing in your life.”
Blake said, “This wasn’t the most significant thing in my life, becoming an actor and a star at 5 was the most significant thing of my life.” Interesting answer. It makes me think he did it. He was just too cold about her demise.

He used to have money, but after the trial he was broke. I guess it would be annoying to lose millions of dollars, and have everyone think you were a murderer.

He threw God into the equation. He feels happy that God loves him. (It’s always interesting to me that people who haven’t done the greatest things bring God into the discussion.)

It was sad when he said, “nobody in Hollywood stood behind me.” He also said that his biggest dream is to make the perfect movie at the end of his life. He’s 79,

I would probably go see it. I have a feeling it’s never going to get made.

I was sure he murdered his wife, but now I’m only 90% sure.  If he didn’t do it, my suspicion is that he arranged it.

Postscript: I saw the family’s lawyer on the show Monday. He reminded the audience that Blake had asked several people to kill Bonnie for him. There were no takers. I guess he decided he had to do it himself.The attorney thought Blake should be very happy that he’s alive and out of jail. He was pretty convincing. And it only took around 10 minutes.

Did you see the interview?

What do you think?