Update on Lance Armstrong

English: Lance Armstrong in the Solvang, Calif...

English: Lance Armstrong in the Solvang, California time trials. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m wondering what Lance Armstrong must be going through right now. He has to be suffering. He said it himself.  “ If it was proved that I was cheating, I’d be fired from all my contracts. It’s not about money , it’s the faith people have put in me over the years… The money is not as important as losing the support of hundreds and millions of people.” He was right. It’s happening right now.

I watched CNN’s broadcast of “The World According to Lance Armstrong on CNN. It was disillusioning to realize Lance is probably guilty. The show’s host interviewed bike racer, Tyler Hamilton, who recalled how he and Lance were re-infused with their own blood after it was fortified with more red blood cells. During the race, they shot up with special drugs. They took the vials and syringes and put them in coke cans, crushed them up, and their staff disposed of them. They even had another guys who were lookouts and drug deliverers.

Nobody had the technology to catch them cheating in the 90’s, but they preserved their urine, and can find the nasty evidence now.  Who would think they’d save their waste products, and label them?

It was more disappointing to realize that biking is completely corrupt. Everyone was doping; however Lance was really good at it. He hired doctors to help him, and even paid off the UCI, the organization that was supposedly policing them all.

If Armstrong confessed to the public, everyone would probably love him even more. Look at Bill Clinton. He was impeached for his extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky, and people  have forgiven him. How about Tiger Woods?  After all, don’t we all make mistakes?

When they kept accusing Armstrong I was convinced he’d  won the race without cheating. I’d read his book about his fight with cancer, and how he cheated death. It was so inspiring. Now, I’m wondering how much of  it was true.

There’s no doubt that the Livestrong Foundation, his cancer foundation,  has raised millions of dollars.  If he really cared, he’d come out with the truth.  Now, is the time to prove he really is a champion.

What do you think? Should he confess? What do you think about his doping and cover-up?

Do you recall any people the public has forgiven after they lied and cheated?

Additional thoughts on January 16

Now, the public is waiting to see Armstrong’s interview on Oprah tomorrow. What is really disheartening is realizing that he wasn’t just doping, he was bullying people. (At least that’s what his buddies are saying all over the media.) Supposedly, he’s calling people and apologizing. He sounds like a crafty monster.

This is really disheartening. Everyone is saying, “don’t believe anything Lance says because he’s a liar and a bully.” I’m wondering how I’m going to react. I’m wondering how he managed to get away with this for so long?

On one hand, he did a lot of good with his foundation. On the other hand, he’s a bad guy. I’m wondering if this is why Sheryl Crow dumped him? I wonder if he’s going to garner my sympathy somehow.

What do you think?


Give it Up Piers Morgan: Americans are gun happy

Piers Morgan at CES 2011.

Piers Morgan at CES 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poor Piers Morgan. He keeps trying to understand why there are so many guns and assault weapons floating around in this country.  It doesn’t make sense to him.

He can’t quite get why we all want to arm each other, and blow ourselves away. He doesn’t understand the American way.

He just had a forensic psychiatrist on his show who wouldn’t quite agree with him about available guns being the reason people commit mass murder.

They brought up the fact that terrorists are not as crazy as the guys shooting up people for no good reason.

In my opinion, a guy who straps bombs onto is as crazy as the latest mass murderer.  It is true that if these guys do survive blowing themselves up, we like to make sure their executed.

Look at Timothy McVeigh, the  home- grown terrorist from Oklahoma. At least we killed him. Good thinking. (I doubt if anyone misses him.)  Unfortunately, the guy who helped him is languishing in jail.

Alan M. Dershowitz, the lawyer, was also on pointing out that it only makes common sense that too many guns around causes people to use them. Crazy or not. Suicide, murder, robbery, etc.  He was even pointing at his head to get his point across.

Makes sense to me too.

Piers ought to give it up.

Americans are never going to change their minds.  This is gun country and it’s not going to change any time soon.

Why did this happen to the victims in Aurora, Colorado? Will we ever know?

Joker (comics)

Joker (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What happened to the quiet guy from Colorado. Was he evil, or sick? Will we ever know? Is there such a thing as evil? Where does it lurk?

The shooter, James Holmes, apparently broke with reality. Did he think he was “The Joker” from Batman? What would cause someone to be filled with such rage? What should happen to people like this?

Now there’s a lot of speculation that he was suffering from schizophrenia. It makes sense. Why else would anyone do something like that? He is the right age, and  maybe he got stressed during his PhD program. Nobody’s talking. He doesn’t sound like the typical mass murderer type. Except that he tended to be quiet. Why was he studying neuroscience? Was he trying to figure himself out? Shouldn’t he have realized he needed help?

isn’t it sad that there is a profile of a mass murderer we’re all familiar with?

He even worked with Big Brothers and Sisters when he was a teenager.

But what good is this guy’s life? Look at the horrible thing he did.

He’ll probably spend the rest of his life languishing in a mental institution.

It’s enough to make you believe in the death penalty.

But, I can’t help feeling a little sorry for him. He couldn’t have been in his right mind. What about his parents? Their lives are destroyed.

It’s too bad all those nasty weapons are legal. Aren’t we all responsible for letting this go on? Anyone can get those assault weapons.

How about all the violence on TV, movies and in Video games. Who is responsible for that?

PS: After watching CNN’s Anderson Cooper who focused on the victims, I don’t feel sorry for the shooter. He’s done too much destruction and yes, evil.

What do you think?

I lost my best friend, and I was bereft. It was my computer!

English: Description: Social Networking Source...

English: Description: Social Networking Source: own work Author: koreshky Date: 12/10/2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I heard President Clinton talking to Sanja Gupta on CNN. One comment I found interesting was when he discussed social networking, and the young people of today. He was afraid that they won’t be able to engage people in the present here and now.

I do happen to agree that socializing is changing. But, I’m not sure if things are different, it means that they’re worse.


I have news for President Clinton, social networking just doesn’t affect young people. It affects people like me. As you know from the title of this blog, I am no spring chicken.


My Mac computer’s hard drive gave up the ghost this past week. It just slowed to a crawl, and then it stopped. I was beside myself. It was like a friend or child was sick.


So, I hurried over to the Apple store where the poor thing was misdiagnosed. The apple genius thought all I had to do was take off a few pictures. When that didn’t work, I knew it was a more serious case. Just like one of my children, I made another doctor’s appointment, and found out my poor little computer had a definite problem with its guts. (We have something in common because my guts don’t work so good anymore either.)


So, I took  the poor patient to a better doctor who correctly diagnosed my little friend as having to get a hard drive transplant.


I finally found a reasonably priced place on the other side of town, and took her (my computer is a girl). The hard part is I had to part with her for three days.


I was so morose that I had to go to the library and borrow their computer to write my post from yesterday.


Seriously, what I realized is that I am addicted to social networking. I like to go on Facebook, and see what everyone is doing. I like to write my thoughts for the day on my blog.


When I got to the store, and greeted my little girl with great warmth the receptionist at the store said, “Everyone does that, it’s too funny.” Apparently, she isn’t so attached to social networking.


Hopefully, my computer will last at least another year or two. (Just like me!)

What do you think about social networking. Is it a good or bad thing?


Ted Turner on Piers Morgan: A few good nuggets from the interview

Ted Turner with ex-wife Jane Fonda, 1992 Deuts...

Ted Turner with ex-wife Jane Fonda, 1992 Deutsch: Ted Turner mit seiner damaligen Frau Jane Fonda, 1992 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ted Turner was on Piers Morgan.  In case you don’t know who he is, one of his accomplishments was founding CNN.  He was later fired.  Although he lost a fortune, he is still rich.

This guy is weird, but seems to have good intentions. What negative things can you say about someone who wants to get rid of nuclear bombs and clean up the environment. It sure would make me happy to get rid of nuclear bombs. I’ve been worrying about them most of my life.

Turner donated a billion dollars to the UN?  I’m not sure about trusting in the United Nations to solve the world’s problems. They don’t seem exactly fair most of the time.   They are helping with his pet project, helping out with ridding the world of malaria.

He wanted CNN to be the The New York Times of news. He also doesn’t like the conflict  between parties. I wish he could figure out how to stop that. Doesn’t seem likely to me

Even with all his money he’s had to give up a lot of his favorite foods like potatoes, dairy, and alcohol because he’s getting older, and his doctors are checking out his allergies. Not even rich guys are immune from getting old, fat, and sick.

He looked like he was about to cry when he talked about losing Jane Fonda. He’s replaced her with 4 girlfriends.  I guess that says a lot about old Jane.

He also said that the US has “too many enemies, and should work on being more popular.” He makes it sound like we’re all in high school. Maybe it’s more complicated than that?

When Bronson asked him what he’s most proud of he said, “my 5 children are all doing well.” I surely can relate to that.

One of the things he said that I liked was, ‘Winners never Quit,’  and ‘Quitters never win.’ I’m sure he didn’t think that one up.

The quote he wants to put on his headstone I really liked “I have nothing more to say.” Maybe I’ll borrow that one.

Any comments? Did you see the interview? What did you think of him? Did he seem naive to you or just optimistic?