Hair Talent: We don’t all have it: it helps to have talented children!

French Braid

Shirley_Temple (Photo credit: hto2008)

After reading a post  by  another blogger ( about

games she’s thought up while brushing her child’s hair it  got me thinking about my past life as a mom.


Where was her post when I needed it? I should have thought of games to play. When my kids would see me with styling implements they would run as fast as they could! I was not good with hair.


Luckily, my oldest daughter took over this responsibility at an early age, 8 or 9. She did it because her brother and sister needed her. She’s a good person.


My hair
I’ve always had easy hair. It’s the wash and wear type. I never worried about it. It was easy. (Maybe there is a God?) Now it’s getting tricky. Namely, because the color follicle things died, and now it’s just white. So, I have to pay a fortune to cover it up. I don’t really think I’m fooling anyone, but myself, but I don’t have the nerve to let it go yet.( Maybe I’ll get more sympathy from others if they realize how old I really am.)


I first realized I had no talent with hair when I attempted to cut my bangs in the 8th grade. . I couldn’t get them straight. By the time I gave up, I was already down to the scalp. I actually had to wear part of the back of my hair in the front. (Exactly like those bald guys who won’t admit their bald.) Luckily my hair grows fast, so I only had to do this for sixth months.


Daughter #1’s hair
As a young mother, I received three very different heads of hair to work with. My oldest daughter had straight blonde hair which was easy, but i didn’t want to mess around with it. I took her to Lazarus, the defunct department store Columbus, Ohio, and had the nice lady beautician cut it. She put her on a plastic pony and cut away. To this day, she is still mad at me about it. This painful memory comes back to her when she looks at old pictures.


I attempted to French braid her hair when she was around 10. She got so tired of my feeble attempts, she learned to do it herself. She became so skillful that she braided her friends’ hair for special events. She really could’ve opened up a paying business.


Daughter #2
Her sister had  completely different hair.  She had blonde curls.  Everyone would stop me and comment on it. She looked exactly like Shirley Temple.  After her first haircut, it came in a little differently. It was still gorgeous but complicated.  It wasn’t in my realm of expertise. She’d run away when she saw me coming toward her with the hairbrush.


Daughter #2  tried out her own hair cutting skills by doing a smart thing. Instead of experimenting on herself, she cut her brother’s hair. It wasn’t so great, but what can you expect from a 5- year old. If he was unhappy, he kept it to himself.


My son was a cross between the two, but his hair was dark brown and a little curly. It was no problem because it was short.  He preferred to wear a hat most of the time anyway. It used to make me laugh when I took him to get it cut. He was very particular about what he wanted it to look like.


My conclusions


Don’t take your hair stylists for granted! It takes talent to style and cut hair! If you’re lucky one of your kids will take over the job!

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