What’s wrong with the Olympic Committee?

Israeli hostages Kehat Shorr (left) and Andre ...

Israeli hostages Kehat Shorr (left) and Andre Spitzer (right) talk to German officials during the hostage crisis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remembering the 1972 Israeli athletes that were murdered 40 years ago

Mark Lavin  18

Eliezer Halfin  24

David Berger 28

Yossef Romano 3l

Andre Spitzer 27

Mose Weinberg 33

Ze-ev Friedmann   28

Amitzur Shapira27

Yossef Gugfreund 40

Yakove Springer 51

Kehott Shorr 53

I remember when the  Israeli athletes were murdered 40 years ago. I was a young woman still living with my parents.

My mother was interested in the Israelis because her doctor’s son, David Berger, was a part of the delegation. He’d made the Israeli team.

The winner of 7 medals in swimming, Mark Spitz, was Jewish. Everyone was afraid they’d get him too.

I also remember when all of them were shot. My mom screamed, “Oh, I thought they were going to let them go!” She was truly heartbroken. None of us could believe it. The irony was that the murderers had picked Germany, the site of the Holocaust.

Although there was a short tribute, the Olympic Committee didn’t stop the games for the rest of the time left. They continued as if nothing happened.

And now they’re not giving them a few seconds of silence?

Maybe they didn’t want to start something. Maybe they were afraid they were going to offend all the Jew hater countries.

It was criminal they didn’t stop the games after they were murdered, and it’s criminal that they won’t give them a few seconds of silence now.