What would Jesus think? Skinny dipping in the Sea of Galillee

It seems that last August, members of congress were invited to Israel. They say they had a nice dinner and too much to drink. Twenty congressmen jumped in the Sea of Galilee. The episode was inappropriate because Kevin Yoder, a Republican congressman, decided to dive in without his swim trunks. I guess some other Republicans followed his example.

I found this on another website, so it might not be the real thing. But, you can get the idea! (credit balloon-juice.com)

All  the  petty politicians on both sides of the aisles are acting so shocked. They’ve all done a lot worse than skinny dipping in the Galilee. (I’m just guessing,so don’t quote me on that.)

These governmental representatives are really annoying, and dare I say,
not paying attention to the real issues.

I bet some of our founding fathers, like Benjamin Franklin, would’ve been happy to skinny dip. I think he would find all the politicians—on both sides of the aisle— boring and a big disappointment.

What do you think?