The Million Dollar Quartet: Spending some time with Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis

The million Dollar Quartet. L to R: Jerry Lee ...

The million Dollar Quartet. L to R: Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What if you could spend a couple of hours with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Peggy Lee? Would you want to do that? Peggy Lee wasn’t well-known yet. She was just hanging around Elvis.

If you can recall that era of music, or listen to it, you’re going to enjoy “The Million Dollar Quartet.’

I saw a version of this play at the Palace Theater in Columbus, Ohio. It takes place on December 4, 1956. Sam Phillips ( Vince Nappo) who ran Sun Recording Studios made all these legends stars. On one historic night, he got them all together for a jam session. The play is based upon this meeting. There is a recording and a picture to prove it really happened.

The actors did unbelievable impressions of these music legends. Each of the stars played  their instruments with expertise and wild abandon.  There is a band onstage that is just as professional. And you could hear all the words!

Elvis ( Cody Slaughter) was so good that you forgot he really wasn’t Elvis. Johnny Cash’s (David Elkins) songs were also done to perfection. I can’t say how well the actor did with Carl Perkins since I don’t remember him.

My favorite impression was of Jerry Lee Lewis ( Ben Goddard)   who is portrayed as being a cocky country boy with a big talent. The musician portraying him was just fantastic on the piano. I do remember Jerry Lee Lewis, and he was something extraordinary. The actor portrayed him as an annoying star with a big ego, but still appealing.

A special surprise happened after the play was over when the actors put on sparkling jackets and performed some songs.   They also involved the audience who knew all the words.

We asked some kids when they were leaving if they liked it and they gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. So, you don’t have to be from that era, or familiar with the music, to enjoy this show.

It’s sad to know that all these music legends are gone now. What lasts is their music. And they were good! When the play comes back next, year remember that it’s well-worth the money.

If you like this music, and the play comes to your town, go to it!  It will take you back and make you happy, for a while!