Going down TV 50’s and 60’s Memory Lane: Rip Don Grady

Howdy Doody

Howdy Doody (Photo credit: cranberries)

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was talking with friends about some TV shows we watched in the 50’s and 60’s. I guess the discussion came up because we were talking about the actor who played  Robby on My Three Sons, Don Grady.  As you probably know, he passed away. If you don’t know, I’m sorry to tell you that he died from cancer.

Here were some of our favorites: Father Knows Best: We liked Robert Young, who played the father,  before he was Marcus Welby. (If you don’t know who that is, you’re probably not interested in this posting.

In Father Knows Best the family seemed real to me.  The Mom (Jane Wyman) was gracious and nice; Bud (Billy Gray) was a typical mischievous boy who was pretty cute;  Kathy (Lauren Chapin) —sweet little sister; Betty—( Elinor Donahue). — the wise oldest sister. I think that show was excellent, and would still hold up today.  By the way, the mom was the woman behind Dad’s wise decisions.

There was also Leave It to Beaver. Remember the rumor that Jerry Mathers died in Vietnam. One of my friends thought Tony Dow died. I was happy to find out he is alive and well!

Families have changed today, of course, and it reflects simpler times. You have to realize that the actors who played those characters did not have near the perfect lives that they portrayed on TV.

We discussed the Mickey Mouse Club, with the Spin and Marty episodes. We all looked forward to the Mouseketeers, and owned a pair of ears. (I don’t know if the second version of The Mickey Mouse Club was as popular.

I  adored Circus Boy who grew up to be one of the Monkees, Mickey Dolenz. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a circus? He was a cute little blond kid who got adopted by a clown in the circus.

Fury was a horse who my mother joked could probably answer the door. She must’ve liked it too. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who else starred in it.

As far as cartoons, my favorite was Bullwinkle.  I loved the satire, even then. I was not a cartoon person. Once I went to a cartoon festival with a friend of mine, and I literally thought I was going to die. Bugs Bunny and The Road Runner were not my thing.

I also liked the cartoons, The Jetsons, and The Flintstones.

Who could forget Howdy Doody, Lassie, Sky King, or The Donna Reed Show. 

We were the first generation to grow up with TV. When we hear that the characters we identified with, passed away, it’s like losing a member of the family.

I don’t think some of the TV shows they have now are exactly wholesome. I don’t know what shows are valuable, and who the kids heroes are today?

What was your favorite show?

Are there good TV shows for kids now? Please comment.

English: Publicity photo of Robert Young and L...

English: Publicity photo of Robert Young and Lauren Chapin from Father Knows Best, 1957. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)