Imagine by John Lennon


Nice dream, huh? I respect all religions. I wish everybody else would. Talk about overreaction. It’s not the first time either. More wars were fought over religion. Some things never change.


Olympic Basketball Game: The golden boys squeak by Spain



I just tuned into the Olympic basketball final. Spain VS USA. Although I am patriotic and all I’m enjoying our overpriced basketball players having to sweat.

Is it fair that they can live in mansions, and live the good life because they can play basketball? (Okay, Lebron was in Cleveland, and went to Miami. But, I don’t blame him. Those winters in Miami are much more pleasant than the winters in Cleveland.)  Besides, they got him when he was barely out of high school.

But I do like watching Lebron and Kobe making  the baskets.  Since I’m not a big basketball fan, I don’t know about some of the other guys.

What can they give these guys that they don’t already have if they win? A gold medal?

I guess we have to  pay our gladiators big bucks.

7 point win over Spain!

Am I too critical? Sour grapes? (I don’t live anything close to a extravagant life style) Do you think those guys hearts were in the game? Tell me what you think? I really want to know!

English: LeBron James playing with the Clevela...

English: LeBron James playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Favoritism, Talent and Leadership!: Do they go hand-in-hand?



leadership (Photo credit: Ed Gaillard)

Is showing favoritism a part of being human? Is it inevitable? Do people do that because it’s the natural order of things? Do you need to show favoritism to get things accomplished? Is it fanciful to think there should be more equality?

Maybe the reasons socialism and communism didn’t work is because somebody always has to be on top. That means somebody always has to be at the bottom.

Whenever you belong to a group, the outstanding people always rise to the top. No matter what kind of group it is. It can be in school, work, or for fun.

What was your experience with kids sports?
I remember when my children played amateur sports some coaches would never give some of the kids a chance to play. All they wanted was the win, so they would only allow the talented kids to play.

There were some outstanding coaches who realized every kid should have a chance, so they would give everyone an opportunity to play. Some of the disgruntled parents of the “Stars” would have a fit because they wanted their kids to always be featured.


I’m sure the Olympic heroes who will be celebrated this week were all the “stars” that were played. Do you think any of them rose from the bottom?


English: The Olympic Flag flying in Victoria, ...

English: The Olympic Flag flying in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, outside the provincial legislature of British Columbia, in recognition of Vancouver’s hosting of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


School leaders
Once when I was teaching school, I allowed some of the students who were never leaders become leaders during a school activity. They were thrilled to be given this opportunity.

Guess what happened?

The natural leaders, who would’ve been assigned in the first place took the leadership positions anyway.

Sometimes, I feel that people who are overlooked should get a chance anyway. Have you ever been in a group where equality really goes on?

Have you ever seen where a shy person given a chance, develops into a leader.

Do you think there is a better way?

What do you think?