Andrea Yates Wants to Attend Church: What do you think?

A vision of Hell from Dante’s Divine Comedy. I...

A vision of Hell from Dante’s Divine Comedy. Illustration by Gustave Doré. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t believe that Andrea Yates is requesting to attend church once a week. She is a mother who drowned 5 of her children in 2001. She thought she was saving them from Hell. I do believe she was truly delusional and mentally ill.

I felt that she received the correct punishment when she was committed to a mental institution. She is bi-polar and suffers from depression. Now, she is taking medication that helps her.

Why would a judge grant her permission to attend a church? Isn’t that what filled her addled brain with the idea of killing her children in the first place?

I also was turned off when I found out  that her ex-husband  gave her permission to be buried next to her 5 children. It was part of their divorce settlement.  That just seems wrong to me. Whether or not she was mentally ill, it’s such an unspeakable crime. Those children deserve to be left in peace.

What do you think?