Saw some dolphins!

English: three dolphins at pacific ocean

English: three dolphins at pacific ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love, love the ocean. I wonder if I’d get used to it if I lived by it.  Probably not. I guess it’s never too late.

When I was on Vacation,  I saw some jumping dolphins! How excited we were! I guess when you’re older, witnessing nature gives you joy.  I was just happy that they weren’t at Sea World and were free on their own. But, I was afraid they’d get beached because they were so close. I was cool how many there were, and in those big black pods underwater. So cool!

At first, my husband said, “this is why I tell you not to go out in the ocean. There are sharks out there.” He just likes drama, and being the big protector.

After a few minutes, everyone got used to the whole thing, and started grumbling about not going into the water.

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