How I know I’m Getting Older: 15 of my reflections

My husband and I riding bikes on vacation!

1. I finally figured out I’m not going to live forever. So, I better make the most of my remaining time on earth. Don’t worry, it’s at least 30 years or so.

2. Attitude is everything. If you’ve got a bad one, things are not going to work out, no matter what you do.

3. I know I’m old because my kids called me 10 minutes before they arrived to pick me up, to give me a heads up.

4. I wanted to eat at a Bob Evans Restaurant.

5. Loud music really sounds loud.

6. Nobody questions me when I say I want to eat off the Seniors menu, or want a Seniors discount.

7. When I ask a contemporary how they feel, they don’t say things like “I feel great.” The best strategy is not to ask them at all!

8. I don’t feel young in my swimming aerobics class any more. I fit right in.

9. I still have a lot of fun, and get excited about things.

10.I realize that the most important things in life include friends family, and giving to others.

11. I know looks really are superficial and aren’t important. It is truly what people are like inside. If you lived a beautiful life, you will be beautiful at 90.

12. I really know money can’t buy happiness.

13. I am so proud of the adults my children have become.

14. I’m happy that both my husband and I are still doing okay. We are lucky!

15. It’s important to keep hopes, dreams, and goals going.

You have any advice you want to give me?