Who do you think won Debate #3? Does it matter?

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

Watching the debates tonight, we saw a different Romney. He seemed to agree with Obama on everything. I thought Obama acted presidential and better yet, his intelligent self.

Romney tried to calm himself down. He didn’t want us to think he’d love to fight every country in the Middle East.

It doesn’t really matter because most  people have made up their minds already. It’s a sad state of affairs if you ask me. I will go for the more intelligent guy who is not a hot head, and  doesn’t want to increase the navy.  You can guess who I support.

They say, Romney was trying to appeal to women tonight. He was more like a peace-loving guy. Huh?

You could say all you want about Romney, but you gotta say the guy was good-looking in his day. He still is. I bet he’s shocked he’s not appealing to women. Of course the fact that he’s against birth control, abortion, and still sees women in a traditional role might not endear him to young professional women. The fact that he hates teacher’s unions might not excite a lot of those rich teachers either.

Talking heads say Romney must have read Wikipedia and World Book before he got to the debate. He didn’t win me over when he said he wanted more ships for the navy. I loved Obama’s comeback: bayonets and horses aren’t used much anymore either.

But the fact is that the economy is a mess. It’s no fun being without money. You can’t go out and buy stuff without it. Being without a job doesn’t make you feel really good about yourself.  Things are improving, but it’s not fast enough for most people. It’s not a comfortable situation. When you’re desperate, you’ll believe in anyone.

I think every member of Congress should be voted out. They cared more about being reelected that trying to work with the President.

Who says, they’d be any different with another president?

Romney frightens me on several different levels, but  people are impatient and he might just win.

Things might change all right. Tea anyone?


What would Jesus think? Skinny dipping in the Sea of Galillee

It seems that last August, members of congress were invited to Israel. They say they had a nice dinner and too much to drink. Twenty congressmen jumped in the Sea of Galilee. The episode was inappropriate because Kevin Yoder, a Republican congressman, decided to dive in without his swim trunks. I guess some other Republicans followed his example.

I found this on another website, so it might not be the real thing. But, you can get the idea! (credit balloon-juice.com)

All  the  petty politicians on both sides of the aisles are acting so shocked. They’ve all done a lot worse than skinny dipping in the Galilee. (I’m just guessing,so don’t quote me on that.)

These governmental representatives are really annoying, and dare I say,
not paying attention to the real issues.

I bet some of our founding fathers, like Benjamin Franklin, would’ve been happy to skinny dip. I think he would find all the politicians—on both sides of the aisle— boring and a big disappointment.

What do you think?