20 of my pet peeves

1. The Fox Channel

2. People conducting phone surveys.

3. Complainers–when I ask you how you are, just say fine and leave it at that.

4. People who don’t listen.

5. The Housewife series, especially the ones from New Jersey.

6. Donald Trump

7. Nancy Grace

8. America’s Top Model–Tyra you are really mean to those girls.

9. The TV Show Hoarders–Why would you allow anyone to film your truly disgusting house?

10. Talk Radio

11. Howard Stern

12. Drunk Drivers

13. Ringing Cell phones in public places.

14. Smart phones lighting up in entertainment venues.

15.Screaming children in fine restaurants.

16. Phil Donahue–I liked you when you were first popular, but now your speech making is annoying.

17. Servers interrupting my conversations in restaurants to ask me how my food tastes. Who thought up this annoying practice up?

18. Rush Limbaugh

19. Glenn Beck

20.The person who decided we’d all look better if we bleached our teeth an unnatural white.

There’s some of my pet peeves. What are yours?

Why Michael J. Fox Inspires Me

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox in "Back To The Future"

Michael J. Fox was on TV tonight. You have to admire his spirit.  He’s not afraid to get on TV and speak his mind, and he makes sense too. He was interviewed by Donny Deutsch who was a substitute host on CNN’s” Pierce Morgan.”

I have a lot of nice family memories surrounding Michael J. Fox. My kids, husband and I would watch “Family Ties” together. We adored Alex P. Keaton whom he played from 1982-1989. We took all three kids to see  “The Back To The Future Trilogy.” I also enjoyed the last series he did,”Spin City. He made over 20 pictures. His movie career screeched to a halt when he got Parkinson’s Disease.

I think Fox’s energy is what appeals to so many people. Fox has directed his energy to finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, a neurological disorder.

He’s raised millions of dollars with his foundation,” The Michael J. Fox Foundation”.

I’ve read all his books he’s written, and they’re all inspirational. His first book was called, “Lucky Man.”  Through his disease he found out what was really important in his life, and it wasn’t fame. He’s married to the beautiful actress, Tracey Pollen, and they have 4 children. Fox is happy she’s in his life. He made it clear that even with his disability, life is worth living.

He even touched on the fact that Rush Limbaugh had to apologize to him several years ago when he thought  Fox was exaggerating his illness when he made a political endorsement for a candidate. Deutsch asked if he had words for Limbaugh. Fox looked earnestly in the camera and said, “Keep talking Rush, keep talking!”

Fox brought out that it’s nice to listen to people who don’t agree with you. Then, you can point out their inconsistencies. Great suggestion.

I really took what he said it to heart. Even though he was directing his final words to people with Parkinson’s, anybody can apply it to their own lives. “I’m talking like you’re talking. I know I’m moving. I don’t need to hide anything anymore. I’m secure,  I have a great family, work to do, and things to keep me busy. Others don’t and they need to know research is being pursued. Learn as much as you can, experience one day at a time. Leave yourself open to possibilities”….

People like Fox inspire me.

Who inspires you?

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Why I Wish Rush Limbaugh Would Go Away and Disappear

Rush Limbaugh

When I first heard Rush Limbaugh many years ago I couldn’t believe my ears. Surely people would realize he was a throwback to the McCarthy era. He’s much worse. At least they used a little decorum while they were acting like ogres. This guy lets it all hang out. I can’t believe the stuff he’s gotten away with. I can’t believe people actually agree with him.

I hear his voice, and my stomach turns upside down.

He’s made fun of women, homosexuals,  black people, Asian people,  white people, liberals, and everyone and everything under the sun. He is a big name-caller.

He can say the most outrageous things, and his defenders will rationalize what he’s saying! He can say the moon is made of green cheese and they will agree. How about the world is flat? That might be a good one. His followers might say, “if Rush says it’s true, ditto ditto”.  That means they agree with him.

I think he’s responsible for making name-calling stylish. I can’t believe he’s gotten away with the latest snafu, calling a young classy graduating law student from Georgetown University, Sandra Fluke,  a “slut” because she thinks “health care companies, event those connected with religious organizations should provide coverage for birth control contraception.”

When his sponsors started dropping him, he was pressured to apologize to Ms. Fluke. I’m so proud of her for not accepting his feeble apology. Her parents, and President Obama are proud of her too.

You can say what you want about Obama, but at least he has class. He showed it by personally calling her and telling her it was a good thing she was doing.

I thought this was the 21st century. I thought we were past all this cave man mentality.

Maybe people are finally starting to wise up.

I hope Limbaugh’s sponsors keep dropping him.

Meanwhile I applaud Ms. Fluke. I’m so glad that younger generations of women are like her!

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