I’ve been out of touch with some TV and it’s probably a good thing! Yuck


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Some of the TV shows on cable television are shocking. I started watching some tonight while I tried to crochet. I figured I could listen and figure out what I was doing at the same time. It really didn’t work.  I ended up ripping out my crocheting, but I realized TV has come a long way. A long way downwards.

I won’t pretend I don’t watch TV, and  that some of my choices aren’t  terrific.  I seem to like competitions and weight shows.  I am a regular viewer of Jon Stewart and the Colbert show.  I used to watch the news shows, but they are just people repeating the same things over and over. The news isn’t too good lately anyway.  Talk about a rehash fest.  It’s nothing like the newscasters of old who actually seemed qualified  to comment on the World’s events.

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Tonight, I listened to Kim and  whoever Khardasian live in Miami.  They eat at fancy restaurants, and run around being famous.  I won’t even tell you what they were discussing on the show tonight. It was too gross.

The husband of one of the sisters seems as dumb as a box of rocks. However, I guess he’s smart enough to live with the Khardasian’s and just play. He doesn’t seem to have a job or anything like that. He also was harassing his girlfriend (a Khardasian)  because she weighed 115 pounds instead of 95. She hadn’t taken off her “baby weight” yet. Yes, they have two children, of course, they’re not married.  I am guessing they deserve each other.

I know the Khardasians are wildly popular and have tons of followers on Twitter. Why is this? They are attractive girls, but exactly what do they do?  I guess their show gives the viewers a chance to pretend they’re famous for doing absolutely nothing. What would it be like to have all that money?

I realized that I must be out of touch with society if this is what is going on in real life. Are people really acting like this?  This TV watching was even worse than the Fox channel which I didn’t think was possible.

Then I watched ( and listened) to  some other disgusting shows. They weren’t trying to be reality shows.  Writers actually write this stuff. Are they high on drugs or drunk when they do this?

All they were talking about was sex. How to do it, and who to do it with, what positions to use. They also loved describing body parts. It reminded me of a sophisticated version of sixth grade jokes.  I didn’t get much of a story going on here. Many of the characters were shallow, superficial, and not very likable.

I didn’t get any inspiring type of messages, or positive feelings.
One of the shows I do  watch is “Shameless”, but some of the stuff is getting to rank for me. I will probably keep watching it because there is enough good acting  going on to keep me interested. They do touch on some issues.  Some of the story lines turn me off. (An Indian with a sexual perversion problem, a daughter using her mother to help her have a baby.) Maybe I’m missing something.

Am I just getting old, or has the morality of society really gone down the tubes. It doesn’t seem that we can get much lower than this.

I’m thinking maybe I’d be better off without TV.   But, like many people, I am addicted.  I guess that makes me no better than Kim and her sister taking Miami or whatever they were supposed to be doing.

What do you think about TV?

Television Review: “Shameless” See it on Showtime

I’m hooked on a TV Series.

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It’s called “Shameless” and it airs on Showtime on Sunday nights. While the credits are rolling in the beginning of the show, the characters are taking turns in the family’s bathroom.  It’s not gross, but you get the idea. The smallest character, Liam, is wrapped up in toilet paper by his sister. He is a very cute little guy, so that helps.

The show is about family, but they’re not your grandmother’s type of family, unless all the members were immoral and lacking in common sense.

People used to keep family skeletons hidden, but now it’s fashionable to have them out in the open. Not only in the open, but starring on their own TV shows. Somehow I feel a little better watching a fictional family act inappropriately instead of the real thing.

The main character, Frank Gallagher, (William Macy)  is a hopeless drunk who acts more like a child than his six children. His wife Monica, (Chloe Webb) drifts in and out of the home.

Macy is good in every role I’ve seen him take on, and he’s particularly effective as Frank. Even though Frank is slimy, somehow Macy makes him appealing. You love to hate him.

The six children are better off than their parents, but they do have their problems  It’s like all the guests on Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, and Jerry Springer got together to live in one house as a family.

The oldest daughter, Fiona, (Emma Rossum) is the strongest and most moral member of the family. She tries her best to keep all the kids going in the right direction. By day, she has her little sister, Debby,( Emma Kenny) running a daycare while she recovers from the night shift at the local watering hole. Debby wakes her up when a parent wants to make sure a responsible adult  is taking care of their children.

There is a genius teenager, Lipp,(Jeremy Allen White) who spends much of his time lighting up cigarettes, fooling around with the next door neighbor, and trying to get out of school. White plays him with intensity and energy.

Joan Cusak, another of my favorite actors, plays Sheila, the next-door agoraphobic neighbor, who is proper on the outside, but a tigress in the bedroom.

There are many characters and intertwining stories going on in this show

If you want to know about more subplots, go to the Showtime website.

I am ashamed I like “Shameless.”

Questions: Do you like or dislike Shameless? Tell me why.

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