Have you heard of Gerd?

I have a feeling that my stomach will rebel against me. I lie in wait, a rumbling builds and reverberates across the kitchen table. My husband says, “Are you all right? Should you be eating that piece of chicken? Slow down!”

I have paid the price of eating something that doesn’t agree with me. Too many years of eating pepperoni and mushroom pizza, and a bad coke habit. (the kind you drink). After one opening rumble the other noises follow gurgling, and undigested food trying to  make  its way up through my esophagus.

For many years my stomach was silent. I always told people it was like a steel drum. I fondly remember my college days, sitting in Quiznos Pizza with my friends. We could polish off  sub sandwiches, pizza, and real coca cola ( the kind you drink). We looked terrific, and our stomachs held steady.

For me those days are over. My digestive system has finally betrayed me. About a year ago things suddenly changed. I thought it was something I’d get over after taking a week or two of medicine. It seems like I’m stuck with this condition for a while, say about 40 years if I live to be 102. The official name is GERD .

It seems that food just doesn’t want to stay in my stomach. This condition is now easily controlled with the correct diet, and taking capsules for the rest of my life. Most of you reading this, probably take the very same ones! (Not the younger readers of course, they’re still wrecking havoc on their bodies without knowing it! )

The name of the pill was so long, I couldn’t remember it. Then, I found out it was a generic for another well-known pill that has side effects like brittle bones. ( Also some very disgusting side-effects that can occur.)

I won’t say the problems I had taking this pill at first, but it seems to have settled down. I tried going without it and it was great the first few days, but then I couldn’t eat again. And I do enjoy eating.

Homeopathic doctors have a whole different treatment for this. I am not sold on the whole homeopathic thing, so I’m not sure about it. Taking papaya before you eat is one solution. ( Probably standing in the middle of the room and saying 3 times, 
” I hate doctors and modern medicine,” before taking the papaya stuff is also a requirement.)

I am just so happy that there is a simple way to control this. I would hate to go through the rest of my life without eating or swallowing. So, I say, let’s hear it for modern medicine. Tell me your experience with GERD, and what you’ve done to solve the problem.