Update on Lance Armstrong

English: Lance Armstrong in the Solvang, Calif...

English: Lance Armstrong in the Solvang, California time trials. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m wondering what Lance Armstrong must be going through right now. He has to be suffering. He said it himself.  “ If it was proved that I was cheating, I’d be fired from all my contracts. It’s not about money , it’s the faith people have put in me over the years… The money is not as important as losing the support of hundreds and millions of people.” He was right. It’s happening right now.

I watched CNN’s broadcast of “The World According to Lance Armstrong on CNN. It was disillusioning to realize Lance is probably guilty. The show’s host interviewed bike racer, Tyler Hamilton, who recalled how he and Lance were re-infused with their own blood after it was fortified with more red blood cells. During the race, they shot up with special drugs. They took the vials and syringes and put them in coke cans, crushed them up, and their staff disposed of them. They even had another guys who were lookouts and drug deliverers.

Nobody had the technology to catch them cheating in the 90’s, but they preserved their urine, and can find the nasty evidence now.  Who would think they’d save their waste products, and label them?

It was more disappointing to realize that biking is completely corrupt. Everyone was doping; however Lance was really good at it. He hired doctors to help him, and even paid off the UCI, the organization that was supposedly policing them all.

If Armstrong confessed to the public, everyone would probably love him even more. Look at Bill Clinton. He was impeached for his extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky, and people  have forgiven him. How about Tiger Woods?  After all, don’t we all make mistakes?

When they kept accusing Armstrong I was convinced he’d  won the race without cheating. I’d read his book about his fight with cancer, and how he cheated death. It was so inspiring. Now, I’m wondering how much of  it was true.

There’s no doubt that the Livestrong Foundation, his cancer foundation,  has raised millions of dollars.  If he really cared, he’d come out with the truth.  Now, is the time to prove he really is a champion.

What do you think? Should he confess? What do you think about his doping and cover-up?

Do you recall any people the public has forgiven after they lied and cheated?

Additional thoughts on January 16

Now, the public is waiting to see Armstrong’s interview on Oprah tomorrow. What is really disheartening is realizing that he wasn’t just doping, he was bullying people. (At least that’s what his buddies are saying all over the media.) Supposedly, he’s calling people and apologizing. He sounds like a crafty monster.

This is really disheartening. Everyone is saying, “don’t believe anything Lance says because he’s a liar and a bully.” I’m wondering how I’m going to react. I’m wondering how he managed to get away with this for so long?

On one hand, he did a lot of good with his foundation. On the other hand, he’s a bad guy. I’m wondering if this is why Sheryl Crow dumped him? I wonder if he’s going to garner my sympathy somehow.

What do you think?