Trying out yoga again! Downward dog was never so hard!

English: downward dog posture I took this pict...

English: downward dog posture I took this picture for use in the Anahata Yoga instruction manual. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I decided to go and do a yoga class. This is part of my resolve to do something different every week. I am on my never-ending journey to maintain my health.  I have been stepping up the exercise and feel a lot better than a month ago! (I am also trying to eat smartly).

I used to do yoga about 6 years ago. I’ll be honest, I never much liked it. First of all, I have a lot of weight to hold up when I’m up on all fours. Downward dog is not my favorite position to be in . (Maybe it’s because I am allergic to dogs.)  Your hands are lower than your legs, and you have to hold your behind straight up. in the air. Not ever owning a dog, I’m not sure whether dogs actually do this yoga position.

Knowing I might not make it through the class, I did the elliptical machine for 20 minutes beforehand. I put it on heart rate zone, and it got my heart-rate up to 132 which I think is a little high for a 62-year-old woman who is overweight. So, I already was sweating when I went in the yoga class.

The instructor was making the room all dark and playing exotic music. These yoga instructors are all spiritual types who weigh hardly anything. They are real flexible and can do all sorts of tricks with their bodies.  They also spout off smatterings of pithy sayings coming from Eastern philosophy. I like that part.

Anyway, I was already tired after I was sitting Indian style. It must be cause I’m so weak. My back does not want to be straight.  Then I figured out that my pants were actually too tight around the waist. Not a good beginning. If you go, make sure your pants are loose! That’s why they make yoga pants.

I was bound and determined to make it through the class . One thing I should have known from experience is it’s not smart to eat cereal and drink 2 cups of coffee before you point your head towards the floor.   I reviewed my morning breakfast during downward dog. I was glad my breakfast stayed where it was. Then, for some unknown reason my eyes and nose began running. (Downward dog?)  I was having an allergy attack while I was trying to stretch my arm around my right side while putting my left foot in front of my right foot. Then my glasses kept falling off my head. So, I kept removing them, but I couldn’t see the instructor, so I had to keep putting them on and off.

I actually wanted to leave after the first 10 minutes, but I’m proud to say I did the entire class. Not like everyone else, but I did what I could. Which wasn’t a whole lot, but the sweat was pouring off my forehead.

The instructor was very sweet, and kept giving modifications for my benefit. In yoga they usually stress doing what you can, and not worrying about what other people are doing. I’m fine with that!

One thing I do know about yoga is that stretching and breathing is a good thing. I was so happy when we got to the part where we relax. I wasn’t expecting the instructor to put a towel around my eyes.  That was a little strange. Usually they put it on your body.

The class was finally over and I said my final  Namaste. I will say I felt terrific when it was over.

I’ll try again next week.

I would recommend yoga. From past experience, it helps burn calories and gets oxygen going through you body.  You’re so happy when it’s finally over too!

Do you have an exercise you don’t enjoy, but do it because you feel better when it’s over!

Obesity is linked to Autism: Give me a break!

I just watched a report on The Huffington Post that links obese mothers with having Autistic children. They better have proof of this because that’s adding another stigma to obesity.  Isn’t it tough enough already?

I would bet the higher rate of autism has to do with other things that make us stay skinny: like aspartame in everything, and how about the pink slime in McDonald’s Hamburgers? Then, there’s always high fructose corn syrup.

How about all the Ritalin we hand out like candy, or the antidepressants everyone takes?

How about all the unhealthy meat we eat from the corporate farms, or the chickens who are literally cooped up?

Last year they were convinced autism was caused by vaccinations and now that’s been dismissed.  Meanwhile, there’s a whole lot of kids running around who are going to get things like whooping-cough because their mothers are afraid to vaccinate them. I suspect that’s why a lot of people are homeschooling their kids.

I hope they figure this autism thing out soon. It’s pretty scary, but do we have to blame it on being obese?

Don’t obese people have enough to feel guilty about?

MEGA MAC jp-1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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RIP Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins)

Barnabas Collins

Barnabas Collins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jonathan Frid died on Friday from natural causes.   I was really surprised when I read that he was 87.  It seems like only a few years ago that I was watching him play Barnabas Collins in the soap opera, Dark Shadows

His age shouldn’t surprise me because I watched it when I was 16, and the name of this blog is Joy at 60.  Time really is fleeting.   

I’d heard a new movie of Dark shadows was coming out in May, and I was really looking forward to it’s premiere. I think Johnny Depp will make a perfect Barnabas Collins.  He is one of the few actors I enjoy watching because he seems to know he’s acting, not playing himself.  I thought he made a terrific Edward Scissorhands.

I used to come home from high school, and watch Dark Shadows at 4:00. (Why I remember that, I couldn’t tell you.)  The acting was over the top, but that’s one of the things I liked about it.

The best vampire of all was Jonathan Frid, Barnabas Collins.  He started out a bad vampire, but he did some things to help people too. He was regretful about being a vampire—he felt a little pang of guilt every time he had to turn a human into a vampire by biting their necks and drinking their blood

He was the vampire you loved to hate, but then loved again. He bit a series of necks. I lost interest after a few years.  The series ran until 1971. It seemed to be too much of the same thing. They also waved a lot of crosses around, so the unlucky vampire couldn’t come out  of his wooden casket and turn other hapless live human beings into vampires.

Frid was an accomplished stage actor before he took on the role of Barnabas Collins, but he was best known for his vampire role. He made a movie, and a nice living representing Barnabas at  Dark Shadow events.

I thought the Twilight series was a bit of a rip off of Dark Shadows but I only attended one movie, and haven’t read the books yet.

The producers of the new Dark Shadows movie must appreciate the timing of his death. It’s due to come out in May, and  Frid has a small cameo in it. Now, I really want to see the movie. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting in line with all the other Baby Boomers.

Did you watch Dark Shadows? What do you remember about it?

Do you think Cursive writing is important?

The English alphabet, both upper and lower cas...

The English alphabet, both upper and lower case letters, written in D'Nealian cursive. The grey arrows indicate the starting position for each letter. For letters which are written using more than one stroke, grey numbers indicate the order in which the lines are drawn. The green tails on the front of several of the letters are for connecting them to the previous letter; if these letters are used to begin a word the green portion is omitted. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m taking my idea for this post from a Facebook friend who was bemoaning the fact that they’re not teaching Cursive writing in schools anymore.

She contended that it was an important part of the learning process. I think it’s more like an art form. I use it because it is faster than printing, but I’m not sure anyone else could read it.

When I was Substitute teaching several years ago, I noticed that hardly any of the High School kids were writing their papers in Cursive writing. They either printed, or used a cross between Cursive and Print writing.

I thought this was a curious thing and asked some of them why they weren’t using Cursive writing.

Their answer usual was that they used the computer for most things, and if they took notes they could print pretty fast. Others said they never learned it. So, I guess they haven’t been teaching it for a while.

When I was an Elementary School Teacher, I remember one parent who was so focused on his child’s poor handwriting that he couldn’t acknowledge his child’s numerous strengths. I’m sure that child grew up to be a success in life. I’m betting he uses his computer for almost everything.

I think as time goes on, paper and pencils will become obsolete. I know when I go into an Apple Store for instruction and ask for paper, they are hard pressed to find any. Maybe it’s already a paperless world and I just don’t know it.

Why fight progress?

Just because things change, does it mean things are worse? I don’t think kids today are less bright than we were. I think they just do things in a different way.

What do you think?

Thoughts on a Jewish Tradition at 60+

Tonight I cooked a Passover dinner. It wasn’t probably the one my grandmother cooked. Back in those days, they really cooked from scratch. They made their own gefilte fish. They plucked their own chickens. Maybe it meant more when you finally sat down to eat.

I bought some of my dishes ready-made from the local Kosher grocery which is housed in a Kroger in Columbus, Ohio.

Jews Celebrating Passover. Lubok, XIXth centur...

Jews Celebrating Passover. Lubok, XIXth century. Русский: Празднование Песаха. Лубок XIX века. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t keep Kosher, so it was just symbolic for me. The generations that preceded me gently nudge me to do what’s right. Get the bread out of my house, eat Matzah, and read the Hagaddah with my family—a book that describe the Jews exodus from Egypt.

My aunt, who cooked us many Kosher Passovers was in attendance. It was at her house, that I first read that Hagaddah with my  growing family. Now, she’s almost 90, and doesn’t have the energy to put on a dinner. Now, she takes a lesser role than in previous years past. Many of the people who attended her Seders are gone. She’s taken good care of herself, and has outlived almost everybody.

I think about the first Passover I remember when I was a little girl. It was at my Aunt Arlene and Uncle Clem’s house. My aunt bought all the little cousins presents. (Her idea, not a Jewish tradition). We had fun at that first Passover, though I remember all the reading being a little too much for a little kid.

Last night there was only one little kid in attendance because there just aren’t many children in my family. He was my great-nephew, and he is six. He started reading the 4 questions in halting English. (He is only starting to read). The youngest child in attendance asks the four questions. In the answers, the child will learn what Passover is all about.

It moved me because it’s a link to my past. I think about my own children reading those words. How I listened carefully, and with pride, because I knew it was a connection to their heritage, and I knew it meant they were growing up.

So, that’s how it is when you’re in your 60’s and starting to think about what traditions and holidays really mean. It’s comforting to have a book where the same story is told year after year. It is comforting to know that the tradition will go on in some way, even when you’re not here anymore.

Do you have any traditions in your religions or family, you’d be willing to share?

Happy Easter to all my friends who celebrate it!

The Case of the disappearing post

English: Apple Computer — Apple Store, M...

Image via Wikipedia

I wrote a post on my views on reality television, however, I lost it when I used Zemanta. I ended up with a picture instead of a post!

I have a Mac, and have religiously gone to some of the classes. I’ve even gotten one-to-one instruction. They young genius helpers are patient. They seem to understand that some people of my generation are just not tuned into the technology age.

They find it strange that I ask for a paper and pencil to write things down. It’s something from the 20th century. Don’t I realize it’s now a paperless world? (Which is a good thing because I hate hunting down little pieces of paper).

When I walked into a Best Buy several years ago, I realized things had drastically changed. Fancy cell phones, answering machines, recording devices, and on and on.  What happened to knobs that you turned? What happened to high and low volume switches? What was going on?

When I went into the Apple store to figure out how to use my new computer,  I looked over at the children at the kiddie computers.  It was especially disturbing to see the little boy sitting in the chair with the pacifier hanging out of his mouth expertly playing a game.  These days they must be  born with a computer chip in their brains.

I finally have realized that I need to back up my posts.Because when they’re gone, I don’t have the patience to reconstruct them.

I realized that it can be generational when I sat down with my uncle several years ago, and tried to show him how to use a mouse. He just couldn’t get it. I just didn’t have the patience to wait till he caught on. I suddenly understood why my son looked like he was going to explode when he’d agree to help me every once in a while.

In the meantime, I’ll renew my one-to-one at the Apple Store and keep at it. It’s a good way to meet other people my own age. They’re sitting at the projects table with me.

I have to clarify that there are plenty of people my age who are fantastic at technology. Some of them have been leaders in the field. I guess, some of us are born to adapt to this stuff, and others just have to keep taking classes.

Dare I try to add a picture to this post?  Will it disappear?

Anybody with some simple tips you can give me about word-press? Put it in the comments section.

I’ll reconstruct my reality TV  post tomorrow. I thought it was one of my best.

If you’ve had the same experience, feel free to comment. If you have advice, make it as simple as possible!

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