About me

How I like to see myself

I was born in 1950. I was the third daughter of Faye and Henry.  Shortly after my birth, they purchased their first black and white television.

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Things have really changed a lot in my lifetime. As a little girl, I remember picking up the telephone, and hearing my neighbor’s conversation. It was called a party line. You shared your phone line with your neighbors. A milkman delivered the milk every day. You turned on the radio, and television with a knob.

I fully expected to grow up, get married, and raise a family. I did do all of those things. My husband is a wonderful man, and my grown-up children, (2 girls and 1 boy, + one terrific son-in-law) are the icing on the cake.

I also picked up a few degrees in education, and worked in the schools. I also tried other areas, like drug and alcohol rehab, and helping people with disabilities obtain employment.

After I retired, I started writing. I really enjoy it. You can presently read some of my articles in a little newspaper, call The New Standard, http://www.thenewstandardonline.com. I’ve also written in a magazine and the local newspaper.

I have gotten to interview local musicians, authors, and other people who are well-known in the Columbus community. It’s been so much fun. It’s something I love to do. I think it’s important to follow your passion.

Blogging seems to be a lot of fun too. I am a novice, and there is so much I don’t know! I appreciate any advice experienced bloggers can give me!

I am really trying to keep up with technology, but it isn’t the easiest thing. I am fascinated with blogging, and I like the idea that other people will read my writing and even comment on it. It’s an ego thing I guess. It’s a new way to connect with others.

I am Hoping4astory on Twitter, and invite you to be one of my followers!

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29 thoughts on “About me

  1. Another +60 writer. Yipeee! I’ve been blogging for a little more than 2 years. I am writing an iBook on my monetizing experience. I recommend http://www.BlogHer.com for a eye-opening world to blogging. I’ve been syndicated there (Look for TheBlackTortoise, that’s me.) I can’t wait to dig in and read some of your stories. I will follow you on Twitter, too. (TheBlackTortoise)

  2. Hi Barb, I didn’t know this is YOU! Welcome to the blogosphere. Not that I know more than you do, just been at it longer! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking.

  3. Hi,
    I like where you are going with your website. Keep up the good work. I aslo like your writing.
    I wish you the best for the future and I am looking forward to your blog postings.

  4. Hi there! I’m Biddy Bytes, blogging for almost two years. In fact, my anniversary is coming up around the birthday for our country. Just finished first book I’m self-publishing called Grandpa and the Truck: Book 1 at grandpaandthetruck.com (ready soon.) It’s the first of a series of books for children 4-8 I’m set to release. Why tell you all this? To welcome you into the blogging world of older ‘sistas and brothas’ and to tell you I’ve found this business transformative. If I hadn’t been blogging, I might not have done that next step of self-pubbing. It gave me the courage. I got more used to putting myself out there, overcoming the feeling of “Maybe my stuff’s not good enough.” So, welcome…you and I do not know each other at all…yet we now converse. My story about how I got into this will be on my own blog for the special 4th. of July post, coming soon.

    • Good for you. I’m actually not brand new to the world of blogging. I’ve been at it for about 6 months. I’m thinking the name of my blog might be too limiting. Would I want to read something about a kid finding joy at 20? I’m not really sure why I’m doing it. I like to fancy myself a writer. It also works like therapy. A lot cheaper! I am disappointed that more people aren’t fascinated with every word I have to say. It’s all about me. How spoiled is that? I will look at yours! thanks for responding.

  5. Hi. I’m an older blogger too. About 7 years your senior, it looks like. (That makes me a war baby, not a boomer.) Been at it for about 10 years if you count all the early fits and starts.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Now I’m off to explore yours.

  6. I googled 60’s Thanksgiving this morning looking for an image and found your blog on Thanksgiving and then click the About Me. Writing is a challenge for me, so I find myself at a disadvantage in the age of blogging and twitter etc.

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