What kind of a world are we making for our children?

Another bulletin comes on the TV about another shooting, this time in a mall in Maryland.

What bothers me most about my reaction is that I’m not shocked. Shootings around this country are becoming a commonplace thing. Do you even pay attention any more when those “special bulletins” come on TV interrupting the violent program you may be watching, (You might even not be watching TV, you might be playing those realistic killer video games. ) Could there be a connection? Duh, yes.

What worries me is my little grandson. He’s so sweet and innocent. What kind of world does he have to look forward to? Is he going to have to be locked down in his house at certain times of the day.

I remember when I went to school. It was one of the safest places in the world. The thought that somebody would come in the school and harm the children was the farthest thing from anyone’s mind. Everything was orderly, and kids didn’t have to be frightened.

I did see changes come  when I was still teaching school. We had several lock downs because of the rumor of drive-by shootings. Those guns again.

Something tells me that our gun policy is not working. It’s getting more and more like the wild west every day. I’m thinking even the wild west isn’t as wild as our society is becoming these days.

I heard some conservative woman on TV suggest that we should lock more people up in mental institutions to solve this problem. As far as she could see, the problem had absolutely nothing to do with too many guns. I won’t even dignify her by mentioning her name. (She is the one with the long blonde hair and the irritating voice. )

It looks like I’m going to do most of my shopping online. I’ll try not to worry about the future. But I really wish my grandson’s mother would start thinking about the benefits of home-schooling.

How important is family in the 21st century?

Today, one of the last old people from my husband’s family passed awayHenry with Eileen, Marilyn, and Barbara (2). He was a terrific guy, and had a good send off. He lived a long life, and died at 90 .Every one of his grandchildren had wonderful things to say about him. If somehow he heard it, he would have been proud of the tribute.

I remember when I met my husband’s family for the first time. I was about 21, and he took me to Blacklick Woods to the traditional family picnic. I remember thinking how old the members of the family were. In reality, they were probably the age I am now. I never thought those picnics would come to an end, but all those people, except for one, are gone.  It’s like a creepy science fiction movie where people disappear.

The family had been having these picnics all through the twentieth century. There are plenty of family pictures to prove it. In 2002, the last picnic was officially held. The funeral almost seemed like a mini-family reunion. There weren’t a whole lot of people there, but enough to revive that family feeling.

In the olden days, people used to live together, and celebrate all the good times and sad times together. It’s too bad that doesn’t happen anymore. . It seems that once people moved to America, they scattered to the four winds.

Recollections of my own family

My family was pretty big too. My mother had 4 brothers and sisters. By the time I came on the scene, they weren’t getting together as much as they used to, but we’d have fun at family weddings. I had a couple of cousins near my age. I remember going to a Seder at my aunt’s house when I was little. There were so many kids, that we had a special table. I always used to enjoy those family occasions.

Somewhere in my childhood that pretty much came to an end. When my mother was still alive, I’d occasionally see one or two of my cousins because they would visit her. Having the family connection was important to her because that’s how people grew up in the good old days.

I think it’s really nice to have family around. I doubt if Ill ever see all my cousins again. Not unless someone decides to have a family reunion.

Because my two sisters don’t live by me, I don’t spend much time with either of them. Only the phone and Facebook keeps us connected.   When I was a child, I never imagined Id go years without seeing much of either of them, but thats just the way things turned out.

In my own family, I see my daughters, but my son is a wanderer. If I’m lucky, I see him once or twice a  year for a week or so.  And he was the one who hung around the house growing up!  I feel lucky that my daughter lives in town, and I have a little grandson living here.

What’s your experience?

15 sweet things my little grandson does at 6.5 months

1. He smiles broadly at us when he sees us.

2.He now laughs when he thinks something is funny.

3.He puts his little head on my shoulder when I rock him.

He was a little younger when this picture was taken.

He was a little younger when this picture was taken.

4. He is fascinated with his socks, and likes to take them off. Especially the right one.

5. He makes cute baby noises. He has a pretty loud one which is hilarious.

6. He proudly sits in his high chair like a big boy!

7. He has learned to like his cereal. He will lean forward if he thinks you’re not feeding him  fast enough.

8. He will entertain himself in his little play gym,and will move all the little hanging animals around.

9. He now turns on his little toy  in his crib.

10. He kicks his feet when he’s excited.

11. He can roll over, when he’s in the mood. He likes to go sideways.

12. He can easily handle his rattle and other small objects. He particularly liked the little gift ribbons and wrapping paper on his presents.

13. He obviously likes music, and kicks in rhythm.

14. He will respond when you call him on FaceTime.

15.He likes to take a bath, and kicks his feet.