Having fun at the Harmony Project holiday event: December 19 — a biased review

When I started with the Harmony Project there were around 125 people. Now, there are 200. I didn’t really think I’d ever like singing with such a big choir, but I was wrong. We sing with one voice, and without music. It’s so much fun. We clap and rock it out too. There’s no shortage of baby boomers in the choir, but there are also people of all ages, all sexual orientations and all religions. Nobody cares about who believes what. We are all there to sing and share.

Today was our holiday concert at The Southern Theater. Almost every seat was taken. It was a rejuvenating experience.

The South High Harmony choir did a fantastic job singing for the audience. They’re kids from a high school that needed a little boost. They should be so proud of themselves. They did “We Will Rock You” with energy and heart.  It was terrific.

The Unison Project sang “You’ve got a friend” with confidence and bravado.

The audience was excellent.  They stood up more than once, and they rocked out with us. We were all one giant group.

The bike lady, got up and said how great it is that 155 teenagers is foster care will now have bikes. Members of the choir raised money in a social event in one day. It was a new idea and it worked.

What a band we have to back us up. They are all professional musicians of the highest caliber and they are good! Tonight we added strings and a mandolin. I have to say our soloists did an outstanding job.

It was fortunate that David Brown decided Columbus was the place to launch The Harmony Project. We’ve done a lot for the community. There’s so much to do.

David  talked about looking for good signs tonight. I think the audience giving us a standing ovation was a pretty good sign!

If you’re coming tomorrow, you will have a terrific time. It’s  guaranteed!

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8 thoughts on “Having fun at the Harmony Project holiday event: December 19 — a biased review

  1. Hi,
    I am delighted to see that all of you had a great time. Being a musician and singer myself, I can honestly say that music is universal and it changes the world. So, I agree with you totally. Music bridges gaps.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the recognition. I always look forward to reading the blogs that I follow, and yours is one that I look forward to reading. The experiences in your life and your lost of a close friend are reflected in your writing and has given you a depth in writing that reaches out to others.

    Congratulations, you deserve this award.


    • Thank you Liz Blackmore. Did you get my email where I nominated your blog as one of the best of 2012? I am not computer saavy. I have to say that this Harmony Project is a real gift to Columbus, Ohio, and to the members of this wonderful choir. It’s amazing what people with a positive attitude can do! I would’ve never believe it was possible to accomplish such great things through music.

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