Coming full circle: taking a walk in the woods on a wintry day: Memoir

Today I came full circle. My two  daughters and son-in-law took me out for a walk.  I was wearing a funny black furry hat  reminiscent of something my  Russian grandmother would wear,  a pair of sunglasses, my old red sweater, black stretch pants, and running shoes with a ragged shoelaces.

I have vague memories of construction workers whistling at me 40 years ago.  I didn’t like it. It embarrassed me, and I felt like it was an invasion of my privacy. Oh, what I would give to have anyone whistle at me now.

Before we got to the park, the grown up children made sure I was buckled in the back seat. My oldest daughter fastened my belt for me. It was rather humorous. I don’t feel I’m quite at the state where I can’t handle a seatbelt, but I thanked her for it.

We got out of the car, and started walking. It is Ohio, and it was cold. Naturally, they all sped ahead of me. My knee which recently was in a state of disrepair, is still not feeling too normal. Something tells me that it will never be the same again.  I banged it into the stove or closet or something, and had to wear a knee brace for two months.

My doctor consoled me by saying, “if you were a world-class athlete, they’d have gone in and cleaned it up already, but you’re not. Give it a couple of months. It’s just a knee.”

So, we went on our walk. and I ignored my nagging kneecap.

I could see the two girls as they once were. Both blonde, one with curls, and one with straight hair. The youngest following the oldest one around.  They’ve grown into beautiful caring young women.  The person missing is my youngest son. He, like my oldest daughter, now lives out-of-town. It’s a rare occasion when all three of them are together. It is always a joyous occasion for me.

Now, they’re all grown up.  It seems hard to believe they were ever little. I have vague memories of dragging all that baby stuff with me: diapers, an extra set of clothes, a baby seat to set up. I always had the oldest child to help me with the other two.  I also remember the youngest two fighting over who was going to sit on my lap while we watched TV.

So, we finished our walk, and I got back in the backseat. I was  glad the walk was over. It was too cold for me. I would not  have  lasted if I was by myself.

Post script

I wrote this a couple of years ago. My kneecap is now back to normal. I have also updated my wardrobe.  Unfortunately, nobody is whistling at me. I guess those days are really  gone!

How do you feel about getting older?  Do you recall a moment when you realized that you were in the last stage of your life?

Reflections of getting older

Reflections of getting older

10 thoughts on “Coming full circle: taking a walk in the woods on a wintry day: Memoir

  1. So enjoyed “Coming Full Circle” memoir piece! I don’t like getting older at all because of the physical changes and challenges. Mentally, I’m great, but how women’s bodies change after menopause is nothing to celebrate! Of course I don’t sit around and dwell on it, I move forward.

    • I went through menopause early. For the last month, I’ve been working on my body. I stopped thinking of it as losing weight to look pretty. It’s more to get myself stronger and healthier. Today, I went to the gym, tried a strength training class , and then forced myself to go on the elliptical for 35 minutes. I charged up my ipod and listened to Bon Jovi! Thank you so much for your comment. I enjoy your blog too!

      • I focus on health, not losing weight. I’m pretty disciplined, but every now and then take a break from exercising. I’m back on the wagon: I did 2.5miles on my treadmill today and I also got on my stationery bike. I made a big beautiful salad with walnuts, apples and didn’t have any bread for lunch.Good girl today!!!!!
        I try to walk on my treadmill 30-40 min per day at least 6 days per week. I don’t walk quickly, 3.0 mph. It’s doable.
        Keep up the good work exercising and looking pretty!!!!! I saw your photo and you look great!!!!!

  2. Hi,
    It all depends on how you look at it. Your days of being whistled at would probably embarrass you today also. Whistling at me makes me feel cheap. I’d rather someone offer me a glass of wine and maybe an interesting conversation.

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