Rielle Hunter on Piers Morgan: Creepy

You remember Rielle Hunter. She had John Edwards baby, and he tried to cover it up. Elizabeth Edwards was busy dying from breast cancer.

Piers was asking her questions about the salacious book she wrote, and she acted offended. He was being too nosy, and taking things out of context. Why did she think he had her on the show? I’m betting an appearance on Piers isn’t going to sell many books. It’s just too…..creepy.

She honestly feels she wasn’t responsible for what happened. It was all John Edwards fault. That’s what she said at first. Then she admitted she shouldn’t have made a sex tape together,  and participated in a coverup about the “baby.”

When she saw an old tape of Elizabeth Edwards on Larry King, it bothered her. “She felt sad.” I bet she was sad that he was showing it.

I remember seeing John Edwards on the campaign trail.  I thought this guy was really good when I saw him. He definitely fooled me.

Was he just a hapless fool? Or was he just a person with no character. After all, his wife was dying from cancer. It sounds like a great time to have an affair. You’d think he would have the decency to wait until she passed away. Definitely, no character!

I did admire Elizabeth Edwards and read several of her books. They were mainly about resilience. She had some good things to say. Apparently, she was a woman who felt a lot. Not at all a shallow person, and very intelligent.

Why Edwards would even fall for this Rielle character is beyond me. She has an evil essence coming off her, and seems totally fake. Wait a minute…

But then again, I watched the whole interview. I am not reading the book though. It sounds too trashy, even for me.

If you want to read something worthwhile, Ii would recommend one of Elizabeth Edward’s books.

Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers by Elizabeth Edwards (Aug 14, 2007)

Cover of "Saving Graces: Finding Solace a...

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A Baby Boomer’s Reflections on Davy Jones’ Death

The TV Show,”The Monkees”  became popular in 1966. I was 16 years old, and thought I was too old for the show. It was silly. These guys, not exactly cute, sang a little and engaged in funny skits. The singers portrayed a band that just couldn’t make it in the music world.

When I found out that one of the actors, Micky Dolenz, had been “Circus Boy,” a show I watched on Saturday morning as a child. I became more interested in watching  “The Monkees.”

Davy Jones was cute but very short. He was definitely the Monkee with the most sparkling personality.  I started watching once in a while. It was mildly entertaining.  I enjoyed some of their songs.

Dolenz was on “Good Morning America” today.  Dolenz and Jones stayed together touring up to last year. They both lasted longer together than they did with their ex wives. Last year, they toured the USA.  It’s a nice story about friendship.

I cannot believe how much publicity this has gotten. I suppose people feel badly because Jones’ death reminds them of themselves as teenagers. You can look back and see yourself enjoying the TV show, and listening to the music.


The Monkees stayed together for years! 

It just shows how much we identify and admire  people on television. They become our friends and role models.

Nevertheless, I am sorry Davy Jones died a sudden death at too early an age.

I wonder what life was like before television. Did people take the time and trouble to make more real friends? Were role models different? Are we too disconnected from each other and reality?

What do you think?

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