Why is the president of “The Ohio State University” so thoughtless?

I live in Columbus, Ohio. I did get here by attending “The Ohio State University.” When you live in Columbus, Ohio, you better get used to hearing about The Ohio State Buckeyes. When they win, everyone is in a fantastic mood, and when they lose we are all sad. To see who won

Picture of Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State...

Picture of Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the game, you don’t have to check the scoreboard, just look at everyone’s expressions. When you’re traveling you know you’re heading toward home when people on the plane are wearing Buckeye scarlet and gray garb. I am just as bad as everyone else.


The president of the university, Gordon Gee, has to be a bright man. He actually went to “Brown”, his old Alma Mater to become their president for a while. He must do his job well because they’re paying him millions of dollars to oversee “The Ohio State University.” How many people can make millions of dollars in a year?

His fashion sense isn’t great. He wears a bow tie constantly. That must say something about him. Is he a nonconformist, too lazy to tie a tie, or does he just want attention?


He does have a nasty habit of sticking his foot down his mouth. In December, he said something inappropriate about Catholics. This was directed against the Notre Dame football team. “The fathers are holy on Sunday, and they’re holy hell the rest of the week. You just can’t trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or a Friday.”


This is supposed to be funny? I don’t find it the least bit amusing. The board is treating his like he’s 12, and requiring him to apologize. I don’t know who he’s going to apologize to? The Pope? They’re also making him attend some kind of class or lecture on how to be more tactful.


Maybe they should teach him about life in the 21st century. Maybe someone should inform him that bullying and making fun of groups of people is not socially appropriate. Maybe in 1945 that would go over, but not it 2013? What kind of role modeling is this behavior. Isn’t he a leader of a lot of students? It sounds a lot like something a bully might say!

This isn’t the first inappropriate thing he has said.


But he’ll stick around, and probably make another mistake in a few months.


The big shots in life just can get away with all kinds of things.


What do you think?


Here are my 10 top reasons for Attending Writer’s conferences

underword: flash fiction

underword: flash fiction (Photo credit: piglicker)

Today I went to a Writer’s Conference in Columbus, Ohio. It was a high quality conference held at Columbus State University.  The price was very reasonable. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. How about $15.00 for breakfast and lunch? (Someone was very generous.)

There were high quality speakers: a poet laureate ( J. Patrick Lewis),  a Pulitzer Prize winning poet ( Tracy K Smith)  a Memoir writer ( Mary Anne Benedetto) and a writer and  Fulbright professor ( Professor Christine Buuck)  from The Ohio State University (she taught us a little bit about flash fiction.)

I received helpful handouts, recommendations of  good websites, several chances to write after some brief instruction, and an opportunity to buy books at a reasonable price.

1.  I met other people who share my interest.
2. I heard talented people talk about things they’ve done to further their careers
3. I learned some more about what websites are good for exploring the craft of writing.
4. I got the chance to buy some terrific books at very reasonable prices.
5. I learned about how to market from an expert marketer, John Kremer, http://www.bookmarket.com.  He also shared some great tips about exploring the internet.
6. There’s nothing like getting a poetry lesson from a Pulitzer prize winner, Tracy K. Clark. She also did some moving readings from her Pulitzer Prize book.
7. The writer’s answered questions, and were very thoughtful with their answers.
8.  Everybody is willing to network.
9. Attending these type of activities stimulates your mind, challenges and encourages you

10. The food and coffee were terrific, and it was just plain fun!


Rielle Hunter on Piers Morgan: Creepy

You remember Rielle Hunter. She had John Edwards baby, and he tried to cover it up. Elizabeth Edwards was busy dying from breast cancer.

Piers was asking her questions about the salacious book she wrote, and she acted offended. He was being too nosy, and taking things out of context. Why did she think he had her on the show? I’m betting an appearance on Piers isn’t going to sell many books. It’s just too…..creepy.

She honestly feels she wasn’t responsible for what happened. It was all John Edwards fault. That’s what she said at first. Then she admitted she shouldn’t have made a sex tape together,  and participated in a coverup about the “baby.”

When she saw an old tape of Elizabeth Edwards on Larry King, it bothered her. “She felt sad.” I bet she was sad that he was showing it.

I remember seeing John Edwards on the campaign trail.  I thought this guy was really good when I saw him. He definitely fooled me.

Was he just a hapless fool? Or was he just a person with no character. After all, his wife was dying from cancer. It sounds like a great time to have an affair. You’d think he would have the decency to wait until she passed away. Definitely, no character!

I did admire Elizabeth Edwards and read several of her books. They were mainly about resilience. She had some good things to say. Apparently, she was a woman who felt a lot. Not at all a shallow person, and very intelligent.

Why Edwards would even fall for this Rielle character is beyond me. She has an evil essence coming off her, and seems totally fake. Wait a minute…

But then again, I watched the whole interview. I am not reading the book though. It sounds too trashy, even for me.

If you want to read something worthwhile, Ii would recommend one of Elizabeth Edward’s books.

Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers by Elizabeth Edwards (Aug 14, 2007)

Cover of "Saving Graces: Finding Solace a...

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